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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Round 8: Word Yahtzee

Okay, this is one of my favorite word games.... Here are the rules:

1. Use each letter only once per word.
2. Use the letters in any combination.
3. There is no time limit this round, but you must make it stick in one sitting.
4. NO DOUBLE, TRIPLE, OR ANY "OTHER-LE" POSTING. (You only get one shot at this, so make it good.
5 Points: 3-letter words receive 1 pt., 4 letter words receive 2 pts., and so on.
6. 10 Extra points will be given for more than 10 words starting with the same letter.
7. 10 points will be given for using all the letters in your post.
8. 50 Points will be given if you have  3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 words (making a straight)
9. Try to tally your own score, or it'll take me forever to finish this round.

ENJOY!!! Mwahahahahaha!


  1. One more thing, obvious, but I'm just being fair....you must list all your words in your post. And don't read anyone else's post until AFTER you've posted.

    Maybe do it in a WORD file, then copy and paste...

  2. Sorry, one rule I forgot....No names or other Proper nouns. Again, obvious, but necessary.

  3. Mr. Giggles,
    Your comments can only be so long, mine was longer so it wouldn't post. I will email it to you.

    My total points was 176

  4. Word Yahtze, you are tedious. :0)(especially the scoring, so even though you don't want to score them all, Mr. Giggles, I suggest you at least score the winner. I, for one, may easily have made a mistake.)

    Mr. Giggles, I e-mailed mine to you also. For those who don't have Mr. Giggles' e-mail address, maybe you could do several 60-word posts?

  5. One more thing: Mr. Giggles, I am NOT tedious, so I may have made a mistake. Math is not my strong point. :0+ Besides, you made the game, you score it.

  6. If I might recommend it, Excel is wonderful. You can sort your words alphabetically and use the auto sum function to add up point values. Also helps to avoid duplicates.

    I don't have Mr. Giggles email, so I could post mine here. Or I can email them to Delirious who can forward them on. Let me know.

    Oh, and I think I may have gotten 316 points, if I played correctly. I got a 7 and an 8 letter word. I hope I did things right...

  7. Sorry, I didn't know this would cause a problem with comment length....new to blogging, so never had the problem. I will definitely score the entries, but I didn't want to have to nit-pick between an entry with 242 points and an entry with 241. In retrospect, I should have placed a 1 minute time limit, but didn't think everyone would have the same length minutes. :o)

    It seemed like a good idea at the time.....

  8. I got 110 points before I pooped out. :)

  9. Okay, since everyone seems to be enjoying this less than I had hoped, we will end this round tomorrow. Email me your lists, or at least post your score on here, and we can get on to a less "tedious" game. (See what you started, Fromagette? Kinda fun.)

  10. In figuring the points I am a little confused.
    6. 10 Extra points will be given for more than 10 words starting with the same letter.

    Does this mean 10 points for EACH set of letters with 10 words or more?

    8. 50 Points will be given if you have 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 words (making a straight)

    Does this just mean you have words with 3, 4,5,6, and 7 letters or do the letters have to be in some order?

  11. PS, as I am attempting to calculate the score, I appear to have 378 points at the present. I will email what I have to Mr Giggles, awaiting answers to the questions I posted.

  12. Well, I didn't think it was "tedious" (great word, eh?). :) I spent almost an entire nap time working on it. When I'm timed, I do horribly, but when I have all the time in the world, I do great!

    It looks like Twist may have won, so I don't think I'll bother posting my responses.

  13. Ok, as I have it calculated based on the instructions, I have 133 words with a score of 448.


  14. Twist wins the round of Word Yahtzee with a total score of 638! Congratulations! I hereby promise that if I win again, I will come up with a round which isn’t so….oh, what’s the word....complicated (ya, I know what you were all thinking!).

  15. Hey, I think it's fun to try out new games. I've played ones before that logistically didn't work out to well. But you only learn by doing. The one I"m thinking of was "Mad Lib". Each person submitted their words, then the person running the game had to insert their words in to the paragraph and post each one separate. It was TEDIOUS! ;)

  16. The game wasn't tedious, it was the scoring that was tedious. Just thought I'd clear that up. :0)