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Friday, September 18, 2009

Root of All Language

This is going to be a simple game, but not so simply done. People going to or from another language often stumble to find a word. Sometimes for a word that does not really exist for a specific idea they want to communicate. Language is the verbalization of a feeling, impression or idea. In that theme, create a new word, using base roots to describe the feeling you get when ride in a car over a really good fun bump. Better yet, create two words, one based on root word and another less serious that expresses the feeling.

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  1. FORMAL: Hyperturbulation: the feeling you get when you go over a bump with your car.
    Root origins: Hyper which means to be over excited, Turbo: the original meaning referred to tornados, but eventually was used to describe an internal combustion engine. Lation: coming from the word "elation" which means exultant gladness.

    SLANG: "tumblewillies" The feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you go over bumps in the car.

  2. Root Word: Vehimontiperfruitious: The feeling you get enjoying going over a bump in a car.
    ROOTS: veho: to ride or drive; montis: mountain (since the bigger, the better!); and perfruor: to enjoy fully.

    Less Serious: Tingliscious! - enjoying the wonderful feeling of going over a bump in a car!

  3. Word: Ricyclocresceous: The feeling you get when going over a large bump in a car.
    Roots: ri-laugh, cyclo-wheel, cresc-rise, ous-full of

    Absolutely Not Serious at all(contributed by my husband): Autofliegendenuberrashungsvergnugen:

    (Husband's description: Basically it's the 'Oh, my goodness, my car's flying and I'm happy surprised' feeling (Practically a literal translation actually). Obviously germanic root... heh.)

  4. WORD - Escalprotuberoria: The feeling you get when going over a large bump in a car

    Root words:
    Escalate - to climb
    Protuberance - a bulge
    Euphoria - happiness

    SLANG: The Tubies - Going over that last joy bump gave me "The Tubies"!

  5. 1.Whoopskerwee n.(whoops'-ker-wee) - (root: from the word sker, which means to leap with joy; Germanic) The nice feeling you get when you go over a bump while riding in the car.

    2.upsidoo (up'-see-doo)an informal exclamation made when pleasantly going over a large bump in the road.

  6. There are a couple of players we haven't heard from yet. I'll go wait till tomorrow then call a winner.


  7. This game was only posted Friday, you could wait a few more days

  8. Ok, I only said that because everyone was pushing me last time to judge and close.

  9. Ok, granted it hasn't been a week, but I think everyone's submitted an entry that wants to do it. I really liked Fromagette's fun word "Autofliegendenuberrashungsvergnugen", but it was at little too long. I'd like a more compact version so I'm going to say Delirious is the winner with "Hyperturbulation" and "tumblewillies".