Word of the Day

Monday, May 31, 2010

Rhyme Me

This is kind of an extension of Twist's last game, with a slight, erm.....twist.

I want you to make a sentence (that makes sense) using as many rhyming words as possible. Not every word has to rhyme, but the more rhyming words you use, the more points you get. Here is an example. Note I didn't invent the word "stucky"... ;)

Lucky Ducky stuck in the mucky

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Word Pyramid

I've never seen a game like this before so if you have, let me know what it's called. For now I'm calling it a word pyramid. The rules are simpler than the game. Start with a single letter word. Each line must have only one word and that word must be a single letter bigger than the last word. Highlight your pyramid and center the text. Here is my poor example:

The pyramid with the most lines that actually make a sentence is the winner.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


My husband turned 60 this year and it has made us think about that universal fear of getting older.  We have made a pact that WE will grow old gracefully and not be cantankerous and stubborn like some of the old(er) people we know.  Since time ticks on and makes fools of us all, we know that we will all get there some day and be "old".  Your challenge for this game is to create a word that describes the "fear of getting older."  The only rules are to stay within the realms of the English language.  You may submit as many words as you wish.
Have fun!