Word of the Day

Monday, May 23, 2011


Okay, the Rapture came and went and everyone is still here except that the media can't find the man who predicted it all. Maybe he is hiding because he is embarrassed and disappointed? Maybe he took all that money that his followers were all giving away and bought him an island in Tahiti? Or maybe he was the only one who did get raptured?
At any rate, there are a lot of disappointed people out there who had to go to work today, unless they quit their job. :0s
So your Word Joust assignment is to find just the right word to describe what it feels like to expect to be Raptured, and then find out you weren't.
Here are the rules: You cannot use the word rapture, or any form of it. You cannot use a word that already exists, but you can take parts of words and combine them to make a new word.
As always, extra points for creativity! Good luck.....