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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

An Olympic Challenge!

Olympic Rings

For those who know me, it comes as no surprise that I may not watch much sports on TV, but I watch AS MUCH OLYMPICS AS POSSIBLE!

I LOVE the Olympics! Summer, Winter, doesn't matter. I watch ANYTHING from archery to weightlifting. My TV is rarely tuned to anything else if Volleyball is on, but I love it all!

Your new challenge is Olympic in nature and stamina! 

First, please create a new Olympic event. It should be an event that is primarily human in nature (Please don't create a new equestrian event). You should describe briefly the name of your event and how it is performed.

Second, tell me who the first gold-medalist is for your even, and what country they represent. Don't fall back on existing athletes. They have enough to do!

Lastly, create the headline for the newspapers reporting on the premier playing of your event. Just the headline. You don't need to write the whole article. Literary devices common to papers should be considered.

I will award Gold, Silver, and Bronze in this challenge, but only Gold moves on to create the next challenge! Let the games begin!