Word of the Day

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tact or Fiction

I thought of this just a few minutes ago, and also realized I had yet to start a new game! So here goes....

Following the theme of the above picture, your mission is three-fold:
1) Come up with an embarrassing situation you either have, or could find yourself in (i.e., your best friend's parent accidentally opens the door to the bathroom just as you are stepping into the shower after spending the night.... what? That never happened to you? Fine, then you can't use that one!)
2) Come up with a tactful way of resolving the situation.
3) Come up with the SARCASTIC way to handle it.

As always, literary devices earn bonus points, but the one that has me gasping for breath while shooting milk out of my nose wins! (That wasn't me, but I CAUSED it!)

Happy Jousting!