Word of the Day

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


For this word joust, you will pretend that you are an editor for your family's newspaper. Write a headline for the front page.
I enjoy wit and literary devices, but above all, I love puns! Extra points for extra puns! There are rules for headlines, but the only ones that apply here are:

* No "to be" verbs.
* No articles (the, a, an).
* Use the word EXTRA! and get EXTRA points!
Be creative, have fun, and good luck!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Vacation TOP TEN!!!

I know that for some, this will seem like it is meant for only my family. Not true. However... since we WILL be missing some of our family members this summer, I thought we would create a Word Joust in their honor. I don't always stay up watching TV, but when I do, I love to see David Letterman's Top Ten. For this round, you should create your own Top Ten List. Be original. But your list should reflect the theme of Summer Vacation. For those who so desire, you may bend that any way you want. You are limited ONLY by those things that can be seen, heard, tasted, smelled, felt, said, or done while on summer vacation. I know the picture isn't exactly in line with the theme, but it was funny and my family will know exactly what I'm talking about. Happy Jousting!