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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Round 6

Rephrase this sentence without using the same words. Be creative with either brevity or length.

The quote is from Inklings:

"People with no vision of the future are willing to give up what they want most for what they want now."


  1. Folks lacking foresight accept letting go of tomorrow's desires for momentary pleasures.

  2. Those that can't see beyond their own reflection forego their future for the price of right now.

  3. Ma Uncle Vern always said, "If'n ya don't know steak's on the menu, ya'll end up with a plate full'a potato salad."

  4. I have three, so here they are. I may come back.

    From one of my students: "Stupid people are stupid!"

    And the one I came up with: "You've been pre-approved for a Credit Card from ****Bank!"

    Finally, from the Jeff Foxworthy depths of my soul: "Them what's give away the milk'll never sell the cow."

    I hope these work. ;-)

  5. Those without hope are too eager to sell dreams for a farthing.

  6. Not that it will help but I have a correction now that the meds have worn off (ahem):

    "Those that can't see beyond their own reflection forego their future for the price of the present."

    Even mediocrity sounds better rolling off the tongue, rather than falling haphazardly from the lips.
    (I will not say something political, I will not say something political)

  7. When you live just for the moment,you will weep in the days to come.

  8. Maybe sometime we should have an "Anything Goes" political round. I'm dying to hear what Eutychus is not saying. :0P

  9. I was actually surprised to read that quote, because what I usually say (just ask my kids ;0) ) is "Don't ever trade off what you want most for what you want now."

    And yes, Eutychus, I think you should go ahead with your political quote. :0)

  10. I've been having fun with this one! Just had to add another one:

    Myopic compromise.

  11. How about:

    "He's so stupid, if his pants was on fire, he'd roast marshmallows!"

    I'm having fun, too, Fromagette!

  12. Inklings, I remember the quote from a great man when asked by the press if they could quote him on something when he said, "Yes, and if you can think of anything better, quote me on that, too."

  13. Lasting joy sacrificed for instant gratification.

  14. I think you should call this one Twist. :)

  15. I think he should call it a finished game....

  16. Twist, don't give up picking a winner for what you're wanting to do now! (jk)

    are you out there????


  17. Ok, I had already decided we'd done enough, but I wanted to make sure everyone got in. I't only been 5 days now. I'd like to call it a tie between Nene' and Fromagette's two word post. Nene's could easily be a quote that's been around for century's, while I really liked the conciseness of Fromagette's. I think I will say Fromagette is the winner and next to post a game.

    Thanks to all for getting into the spirit.