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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Round 10

I thought we should go visual this time. Below you will see a picture of my former mission companion eating a delicacy. If you know what it is, pretend you don't. I would like you to come up with a new name for this delicacy, and a definition describing it. I tried this once before on my regular blog, but didn't get much response. Let's see what you can do on this blog. :)


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  2. 1,000-Year Old Tripe


    3 lbs fresh tripe
    1 clove crushed garlic
    1/2 tsp Chinese hot mustard
    1/4 cup soy sauce
    2 cups large shrimp

    Mix garlic,mustard, and soy sauce in medium mixing bowl. Add tripe. Let sit for 24 hours.
    Place marinated tripe in a combat boot and bury in the chicken coop. Wait 6 days. Remove tripe from coop and boot. Add 3 Tblsp Extra Virgin Olive oil to a wok. Cook tripe in oil, stirring frequently.

    In separate pan, cook shrimp as desired.

    Throw tripe away. Eat the shrimp with coctail sauce.

  3. Mr Giggles, no fair using real recipes....

  4. Question - Could you clarify if you want a totally made up word for this? I'm not exactly sure what you're wanting here. Maybe it's just me going by past games.

  5. I was wanting a made up word...Mr. Giggles should come up with a new name. :)

  6. And you don't have to give a recipe. :)
    Mainly, make up a name....describe the food

  7. I'm going to bypass the recipe and just say that this is Pickled Yinchuan Yak's tongue. Recipe available upon request.

  8. Tempur Spined Boomerang Worm- So named for its appearance to tempura type food, this delicacy is traditionally eaten alive and requires choking the little critter to death with your chopsticks. The Boomerang part of the name comes from the failure to use the chopsticks effectively which is, unfortunatly, a rather common occurence.

  9. Wovuchi - thin strips of fermented cabbage woven with thin strips of blanched calamari into the shape of a small eel and then battered and fried.

  10. Chollanese Fingers - Fresh Cholla Cactus dipped in tempura batter and fried to a golden brown. Chopsticks are required to save the fingers from the spiny protrusions. Careful eating is also encouraged. Served with Sweet & Sour Salsa, thus mixing the Spanish & Chinese flavors.

  11. Sorry, I've been gone most of the past few days, but here is my stab at this round:

    Shu Don Won No Mo, a seafood delicacy served in a tiny porcelain bowl with chopsticks, usually accompanied by a large plate of ham-fried rice and a fortune cookie that says: Stay at home today and eat pizza.

  12. Okay, so I didn't understand the rules. And for the record, I defy any of you to find 1,000 year-old tripe recipes ANYWHERE else.... Anyway...Fine. Here goes:

    Szechuan Fungal Tongual Soup (yes, soup). This is a cold soup which is brimming with spoors that after eating, the heat in your mouth causes little shitake-ish mushrooms to grow quickly all over your tongue. You then strip them off with chopsticks and enjoy. Or you can leave them there and still enjoy a snack hours, even days later. The meal that keeps on giving! I make eating FUN!

  13. Okay, I'm going to call this one. This is hard because there were some really creative answers. I think I'm going to go with Nene on this one.
    For those who are wondering, this picture is of Tempura shrimp. We were in Taiwan, in a Japanese restaurant. I was so happy to see all of the sushi at this restaurant that I never did try the tempura.

  14. Wow, I'm really surprised that I won, because everyone else had some really creative and funny answers!