Word of the Day

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


The Beach Boys are probably the greatest song writers when it comes to writing songs about cars.  They have written songs called: "Little Deuce Coupe", "Little Honda", "In My Car", "Car Crazy Cutie", "Honkin' Down the Highway", to name a few.  The title of this game is from "Little Deuce Coupe".  The lyrics are: "Little Deuce Coupe, You don't know what I've got" (that's from the chorus). 

After we got home from Ireland we had to go buy a new car.  We bought a new Ford F150 pickup.  I love it!  One of my favorite things that I am particularly enjoying this winter is the heated front seats.  The seats will heat up before the heater even gets warm!  The other day I was driving along with my heated seats, listening to my Harry Potter CD and really loving my truck.  Which brings me to our New Game! 

So Jousters, for this game  I want you to design (in words) a new car or a new truck, or even a new SUV.  Tell me what kind of special features YOU would invent to go in or on your new vehicle!  Are there any features cars have now that you could improve on?  Anything goes, so happy designing! 

Monday, January 10, 2011

Does That Make Me Crazy!?

Everyone has things that drive them crazy; Traffic, people, the neighbors annoying howling pets. In this game, you will identify the things that drive you crazy, then come up with a solution for them. Be creative, but be nice! For example, if a very annoying, talkative person drives you crazy, killing them is not an acceptable solution! A more creative solution would be to give them a gift of chocolate covered peanut butter cookies, with a little honey mixed in the peanut butter, to keep their mouth glued shut. Not the best of examples, but you get the idea. Happy Jousting!

Sunday, January 2, 2011


It's a new year, and time for new resolutions..no, no, not yours. These are for other people. Since it is now 2011, make a list of 11 resolutions you'd like other people to carry out in the coming year. One rule: no personal names, although celebrities and politicians are fair game.