Word of the Day

Tuesday, January 17, 2012



The big thing in the news nowdays is the Presidential race. The Republican Party has more than enough candidates but because there are so many, some need to drop out. Since all of these candidates could use a little "boost" to their campaigns, for our next Word Joust competition it is your challenge to pick your favorite candidate - wait, that's not your challenge! :0) - Pick your candidate of choice and write a "cheer" for him. Yes, that's right, our candidates need some old fashioned cheerleaders cheering for them! This game is not restricted solely to the Republican party. If your candidate is Obama, may God have mercy on your soul.  Just kidding, if your candidate is Obama, write one about him.  Please include your candidate's first or last name in your cheer, so we know who you are cheering for!  Have fun!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


This is a choose-your-own entry to the theme of New Year's Resolutions. Take one of your resolutions - or more, if you wish - and tell us about it in a creative way. (Don't procrastinate, I am probably not going to let this go longer than a week.)