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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Standing in Line

Summertime is a great time for family reunions! My own family is having one soon. In honor of this time of year, your job is to come up with four one-line statements about your family's reunion. As usual, creativity and humor is encouraged! As the judge, I also love alliteration, puns, and rhyming!!


The candy cannon creates a cacophony of cheerful cries!!
We think he's insane for not using a cane.


  1. I love the second one! :0P

  2. Wow..this is kind of hard. lol

    1. "Everyone form one line, and veer to the right or the left depending on whether you want to eat dinner, or use the bathroom"

    2. Ahhh reunions, when you anxiously wait all year to sleep in leaky tents, share one bathroom, and crowd in to a small room to hover around one television.

    3. "In today's news, authorities say that a car of middle-aged women were seen sneaking out of town without telling everyone else at their reunion so they could go to thrift stores in the neighboring city."

    4. I went to a family reunion, and all I got was a t-shirt that I have to wear every year for the rest of my life.

    ;) (actually I like them.)

  3. 1. Visiting family is so sweet, but move your feet and lose your seat.
    2.When family members become bored, they go to their cars for their snack-food hoard.
    3.Aunts and uncles, lots of cousins - family shows up by the dozens.
    4.Tents out in the yard by scores, emitting lots of night-time snores.

  4. Somehow I ended up with 5, so I'll just post them all:

    1. Mother might make many males (and maybe mates) move many materials, making mighty muscles and manuevering much of May's matter.

    2. Dad's a balker about using a walker, so you tell him to use a walker - I'm just not that good a talker.

    3. Father falls faster from far-sighted fumbling.

    4. Farfledged families find few freshwater fish from freaky forest floods.

    5. Relatives really relish random recommendations regarding refreshing refrigerator refuels.

  5. 1. Grumpy grandpa gives grand-kids great gobs of grumbling gripes.

    2. Welcome to the desert, dear; it only rains when you are here!

    3. "I don't need a cane, I'm perfectly fine-- now let me check your blood, and forget about MINE!"

    4. The language in your movie is way too dirty, either that or it was made after 1930...

  6. 1. Long, lazy livings with loud, lousy little'uns

    2. Mac'n cheese on a plate, get a seat and you are great.

    3. Out the back door, you must sneak, if you wish to go alone, to the creek.

    4. Not one chicken in this batch, but we all will venture to small town Hatch.

    Delirious, you're right this IS hard.

  7. Well, it's about time to call it!! Maybe we can get another game in before the reunion!

    It was a close race, and I really enjoyed Inklings entry!!! Archeantus' also made me laugh, but I'm going to have to go with Mr. Giggles!

    Congratulations Mr. Giggles!!!!