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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What I Did on My Summer Vacation

It's time to channel your inner Irish Medium and think ahead to the end of summer, as though it has already happened! Your challenge is to write a Limerick on the subject of this post's Title, "What I Did on My Summer Vacation." Bonus points for difficult rhymes and literary devices (alliteration, anthropomorphism, etc.). I will end this one next week, so for those traveling on family trips, this COULD be the last completed challenge for awhile, so go ALL OUT!


  1. On my summer vacation this year,
    There will come lots of people, I fear
    With 2 family reunions-it'll seem like a billion
    Each bringing with them lots of gear.

    My husband spends his time at the lake,
    Taking all of the fish he can take.
    But we wait until ten when "The Price is Right" ends,
    Which usually makes my head ache.

    So what do we do after ten?
    The day has just begun then!
    O'er the mountain we go to the Harry Potter show
    ('Cause you know, after this it's the end).

    Oh the life in this town's such a thrill!
    We can drive to DI (like Goodwill)
    Or go out to Bryce - the scenery's nice
    So who wants to go? I will!

    So come on and join in the fun!
    The summer has only begun!
    Bring a lawnchair and tent-it will be an advent!
    Do you dare? That is the question!

  2. Come on you guys, SOMEONE has to play this game with me!

  3. Sorry, I started writing one in my head while I was driving home from Nevada, but now I forgot it! I"m too busy HAVING my summer vacation. ;)

  4. I thought I posted one and it isn't here. :0s Guess it didn't post, now to remember what it said!

  5. O....k.... I guess I can wait a little longer....

  6. A family once had their plans hatch
    When they all pitched their tents in a patch.
    They slumbered 'til dawn
    As they snored on the lawn,
    Then they all wore their t-shirts to match.

  7. I'm going to give this one more day for all of you who may have been traveling....

  8. A family vacation, it's said,
    can leave you quite touched in the head.
    Twixt mosquitos and rain,
    few bathrooms, (what a pain)
    And we're lucky if we get a bed!

  9. What we did on our summer vacation:

    A family reunion was first.
    We ate until we all burst.
    We went to some thrift stores,
    Some played at the river shores,
    And we all sang a song we rehearsed. :)

  10. I loved the entries, but Inklings has the one that fit the best! Congrats, Inklings, and I can't wait to see your next game!