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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


We just happen to be in San Antonio right now and will be here until Friday.  :0)  (Btw, I heard Sam is here - or was, not sure if she still is - on her honeymoon!) Anyway, we went to the Alamo this morning and I got a chuckle out of a quote by Davy Crockett.  The story goes that Davy Crockett ran for a seat in congress from Tennessee in 1835.  He said to the people in his district that if he lost, "You may all go to hell and I will go to Texas".  He did lose, and a year later he went to Texas and died in the battle at the Alamo.

For our next Word Joust Game, you must create a situation and then come up with a quote.  Get creative and make it one that might go down in history!!! :0)  Happy Jousting!!!


  1. After telling a friend that I didn't like going to the mall, and that "The mall, a drain of my wallet and soul." I dropped my wallet down the mall fountain drain.
    (NOTE: the latter half of this story is false, and is created for the sole purpose of this game.)

  2. I need to clarify something - we come up with a situation, but do we make up our own quote or use someone else's quote?

  3. You create the situation, and you also create the Quote. You can use a real situation that has happened to you and a quote you used, as long as you used a quote you said and not something someone else said. Does that make sense?

  4. After picking up the phone for the umpteenth time and hearing a fundraiser on the other end of the line, I said, "Hello, I'm sorry, but you have reached an unsympathetic party. Please hang up and try again."

    (NOTE: This story is also false, because I'm not a fast enough thinker to say things like this in real life. :)

  5. This is a tough game for me. lol I"m not sure if this fits the game or not, but I thought of this true experience.

    When my son graduated from High school, the event was held outdoors in the stadium. It was a hot day, and the bleachers were so hot that we were getting burned through our pants! I told everyone around me that I had "hot cross buns". And believe me, they were hot, and I was cross!

  6. For the wedding, (now, they didn't really say this) but my parents-in-law are not members of the church, and weren't too excited about our temple marriage. I bet they thought something like,

    "Those two are losing their souls on their wedding day!"

    This sadly was somewhat true, in the sense that later that night at the reception, Spencer actually lost two soles.

    (The soles on his shoes came off!! We rented, so when we took them back, they refunded our money)

  7. I had a heart-to-heart talk with a young woman who was in a terrible dating relationship. After telling me about how he'd stood her up, cheated on her, borrowed money and didn't pay it back, and was verbally abusive, I had to wonder what she saw in this guy. Finally I told her, "You can't find Prince Charming if you're dating Sir Harming."

  8. I'm going to sort of cheat...sort of. This is from the wisdom of Twist Huntington. A 2 fer..
    "Once you’ve stepped off a cliff, it’s pretty easy to see where you went wrong."

    "If you play in the mud, you’ll wind up sitting in a tub."

  9. Well I know this was a hard game, but that's what you get when I have to come up with one while I'm on vacation. :0) Anyway, after reading everyone's entries over and over again, I finally decided to go with Inkling's quote. It just rolls off the tongue and believe me I may even try using it sometime! :0)
    Congratulations Inklings! You're the winner of this round! I know you just did the previous game, but I guess you're on a roll! Have fun coming up with the next game! :0D