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Monday, June 13, 2011


Those of you who have ever read Boy's Life know about Tom Swifties. It is when Tom says something, and then the verb you use instead of "said" is something that makes it funny. Or you can use it with said.
Your assignment is to come up with a half dozen Tom Swifties.
Here is my example: "The electricity is out!" Tom said darkly.
As usual, creativity counts for everything.


  1. "I love living in Lubbock, Texas," Tom said flatly.

  2. Oh right, I need five more.

    "This tuxedo is so uncomfortable! It's so difficult to get on!" Tom said cumbersomely.

    "I'll ride the ferris wheel and you can try your hand at the ring toss," Tom said fairly.

    "This is my first time making sushi so I have to be careful," Tom said gingerly.

    "It's so cold! I'm going to go get wood for the fire," Tom said hackingly.

    "This patient might not make it through this heart transplant," Tom said heartlessly.

  3. "I do NOT eat like a pig!" Tom squealed.

  4. "The early bird gets the worm!" Tom chirped.

  5. "Does this shirt make me look like a nerd?" Tom said squarely.

  6. "The kettle is SO loud!" Tom screamed.

    "awww, my computer broke!" Tom exclaimed megabitterly.
    (I'm just hoping someone catches my meaning there)

    "I'm off to the muffin man's house. I'll be home after a while." Tom said drearily.

    "Get off of my tree you annoying squirrels!" Tom said barkingly.

    "I love ice-water." Tom said cooly.

    I'll get the last one later.

  7. I love these so far, and remember, you need 6 for an entry.

  8. I've had trouble getting this to post. I hope it goes through this time! "crosses fingers"

    I'm not sure my first two followed the rules, so here are some more.

    "Sorry, I ran out of deodorant." Tom said odorously.
    "If a tree falls in the forest, can anyone hear it?" Tom said densely.
    "Can I possibly make this any clearer?" Tom said opaquely.
    "I've lost a ton of weight!" Tom said lightly.
    "I'm tired of grating lemons." Tom said sourly.

  9. alright, to finish off my entry:

    "I must've left my brain at home." Tom said absentmindedly."

    and just for kicks as a tribute to the book I'm reading:
    "Monsieur Aronnax, at 20,000 leagues, Silence is not golden, but Sapphire." commented Nemo abysmally.

  10. "This movie is rated X," said Tom lewdly.

    "I think the desert is so beautiful," said Tom dryly.

    "I'm tired of all this smoke in the air from the forest fires," said Tom obscurely.

    "I'm an only child," said Tom singularly.

    "I've lost 30 pounds," said Tom sizably.

    "This salsa really isn't very hot," said Tom mildly.

  11. These are great so far. I am going to call the game on Monday, so if anyone else wants to play, do it over the weekend, okay?

  12. I have to tell you that everyone who entered wrote great Tom Swifties! You'd think you all grew up as Boy Scouts. :0)
    However,one of them actually made me laugh out loud.It was: "I love living in Lubbock, Texas," Tom said flatly.
    I have lived in Lubbock, Texas, and one of the first things I did after I moved there was to stare at the telephone poles that went on and on for miles. So Mrs. Rogers, this game goes to you. Congratulations!