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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


This is a choose-your-own entry to the theme of New Year's Resolutions. Take one of your resolutions - or more, if you wish - and tell us about it in a creative way. (Don't procrastinate, I am probably not going to let this go longer than a week.)


  1. 1st person: Have you heard about the new goal-setting program for New Year's Resolutions?

    2nd person: No, I haven't.

    1st person: You just pick one word that has to do with your goal for the New Year. Go ahead and pick one.

    2nd person: Weight.

    1st person: Ok........................
    How long do you want me to wait?

    2nd person: No, weight!

    1st person: I am!

    2nd person: You are what?

    1st person: Waiting!

    2nd person: JUST WEIGHT!

    1st person: Well I HAVE been waiting for
    your one word goal!

    2nd person: Weight!!!

    1st person: For crying out loud, I can't
    wait forever, just give me your
    word goal!

    2nd person: Weight, Weight, WEIGHT!!

    1st person: Well, if you don't want to make
    any New Year's Resolutions, just
    say so!

    2nd person: I need to lose weight!!!

    1st person: Well why don't you make that
    your New Year's Resolution??

    2nd person: Forget it!

    1st person: Geez, some people just don't
    want to make New Year's Goals!

  2. Anyone else, or does Nene win this tomorrow?

  3. I am really brain dead on this one. I'll think about it while I'm driving today and see if I can come up with anything.

  4. I think I'll give this over to Nene and see if she can come up with something more interesting. :0)
    Congratulations, Nene! You were the BEST...and the worst. The FUNNIEST...and the lamest. The SMARTEST....and the dumbest. The MOST CREATIVE...and the dullest. But seriously, it really was a good entry. So whatever. :0)