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Tuesday, January 17, 2012



The big thing in the news nowdays is the Presidential race. The Republican Party has more than enough candidates but because there are so many, some need to drop out. Since all of these candidates could use a little "boost" to their campaigns, for our next Word Joust competition it is your challenge to pick your favorite candidate - wait, that's not your challenge! :0) - Pick your candidate of choice and write a "cheer" for him. Yes, that's right, our candidates need some old fashioned cheerleaders cheering for them! This game is not restricted solely to the Republican party. If your candidate is Obama, may God have mercy on your soul.  Just kidding, if your candidate is Obama, write one about him.  Please include your candidate's first or last name in your cheer, so we know who you are cheering for!  Have fun!


  1. Don't be a fruit, and vote for Newt!
    Have some wit and vote for Mitt!

    LIsten to your mama, and don't vote for Obama!
    Don't be a twit, vote for Mitt!

    Be a doll and don't vote for Paul.
    I'll throw a fit unless you vote for Mitt!

    You're sure to bore 'em if you vote for Santorum.
    Keep the torch of faith lit and vote for Mitt!

    Our nation will be bereft if you vote with the left!
    Your vote will be a hit if you vote for Mitt!


  2. I see Delirious still has a way with verse.
    My attempt would be so very much worse.
    Cheering for any, I can't and I won't
    Damned if we do, and damned if we don't.

    (see, I told you it would be bad)

  3. Ha ha Eutychus, you have just proven you have a way with verse too. And what's more, you have more wit than me. Come on, you know you have a favorite in this election... :) (Nice to see you again!)

  4. Hmm...or was your line "damned if we do, and damned if we don't" your entry? ;)

  5. Thanks Delirious- nice to be seen. No, not an entry- don't quite have my blogging legs under me yet. Perhaps after all the rain here it should have been "dammed".

  6. Get out and vote:
    Please give a hoot, give Newt the boot.
    Get on the stick, give Rick a kick.
    Stand up tall and throw out Paul.
    Vote for Mitt, the perfect fit.

  7. I have a better call, Kick out them all!
    I know what's the best for us,
    Let's all vote for Eutychus! ;)

  8. Your suggested candidate had better take heed,
    The Republican Party has more than we need!
    Even though Eutychus has wisdom and wit,
    I'll stick with my favorite and vote for Mitt!
    Go! Fight! Win!! :0D

  9. Ok, anyone else that wants to play has until Monday - then I'll call this. Also if anyone who has played wants to submit another entry, go ahead.

  10. This ain't no land
    Of milk and honey
    So give us a Prez
    Who can handle his money!
    Obama ain't done it,
    He's no Dave Ramsey.
    And we have to choose,
    Not just wait and see,
    So since no other man
    Can say he's "IT"
    Let's all get together
    And vote for Mitt!

  11. After reading all of the entries, I have to say I agree with Eutychus on "damned if we do and damned if we don't" and also with Delirious about "throwing them all out". Hopefully everyone will follow Inklings advice and "listen to their mamma". :0) For our winner of this Word Joust, I am picking Mr. Giggles! I thought his entry flowed the best. Congratulations Mr. Giggles! You're the winner of our "Presidential Race" Word Joust! Now you get to come up with the next game! :0D