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Monday, November 7, 2011

Turkey Day

I'm going to make this game simple. (At least I think it's simple. :) What I want you to do is write some lymericks about Thanksgiving.
The rhyme pattern should be: (Just in case you don't know.) :)
Last words of first two lines should rhyme.
Last words of next two lines should rhyme. (these lines are typically shorter)
Last word of last line should rhyme with the last words of the first two lines.


  1. There once was a big family herd
    Who all traveled home to eat bird.
    They ate and they ate,
    And they thought it was great,
    But the "chairs" that they used were absurd.

  2. My family is nothing but small
    So around this time, every fall
    We gather together
    Like birds of a feather
    And fight for our 'rights' with them all

    That alludes to Thanksgiving right? lol I'll have to re-enter one when I'm feeling more creative

  3. There once was a big Turkey bird,
    Who always wished he could have the last word.
    He sizzled and sputtered, because he was buttered,
    Well, at least that's all that I heard.

  4. Any more entries? It's been about a week and a half. I will call this soon, so get your lymerics in! :)

  5. Thanksgiving is almost here.
    It comes at this time every year.
    With turkey and stuffing and pies (mostly pumpkin),
    We'll eat till we burst, I fear....

  6. Yikes, I just realized that I never called this game.
    Great job everyone who participated!
    I think I'm going to give this round to Mrs. Rogers!