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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Halloween Haitus

Happy Halloween! For this game, I want you guys to come up with clever Halloween costumes!! They can be punny, rhyming, or just down right funny! A couple of examples:
Being the Rogers family, my husband and I are going as "Jolly Rogers" dressing up like pirates. Mediocre humor, you can do better than this!!!
Two years ago, I wore a shirt that said "Go Ceilings!" and I was a ceiling fan, and my friend put a black box on his back and went as a refrigerator magnet.

I hope this has got your brain flowing!!! Happy Halloween, and happy jousting!!


  1. Carry a power drill and wear camo clothes and be: A drill Sargent

    Make a crown entirely out of pens and such and be:
    The Kingpin

    ...more to come... probably.

  2. 1). When I was a Seminary Teacher in Texas, some of my boy students did this:

    Wear a t-shirt and shorts. Put a trench coat on. Open trench coat to "flash" people and they will see a sign pinned to your t-shirt
    that says: "Flashers Against Nudity".

    2) I stole this idea off the internet:

    Dress all in pink. Put a tennis shoe with long laces on top of your head. Pull the laces down and tie under your chin. Tell people you are
    "Under a Shoe".

  3. That last one should read: "Gum Under a Shoe". :0P

  4. Tie a bunch of kid's toy plastic meat on strings and hang all over your body. Go as "Lady Gaga".

  5. Wear all white. Put white makeup on your face. Pin white items like paper, paper plates, cups, etc to your costume, and go as "White Trash".

  6. I stole this one from a viewer of Martha Stewart. :)
    Gather some netting and pin it in layers all over your body. Add a small piece of cord and go as a scrubbie. :)

    Wear a suit with a high neck shirt and scarf. Wear vampire teeth so you can suck the life out of people. When they ask you what you are, tell them you are a collections agent. :)

    I"ll try to think of some more...

  7. When you go to a Halloween party, just lay on the floor. Tell them you're a throw rug. :0+

  8. I thought of several uses for a sheet.
    1. Wrap it tightly around you, covering as much skin as possible. Tell people you are going to a modest "Toga party".
    2. Wrap it loosely around you, and tell people you are an "unmade bed".
    3. Wrap the sheet around you however you want, and tell people you are "occupied Wall sheet"
    4. Leave the sheet at home and tell people you are a nude ghost. :)

  9. A ninja mask, a sword, knight's shoulder covers, a superhero cape, a pirate hat and boots. When people ask what you are, you say: I am epic.

  10. Well, other than just playing for fun, I must withdraw my candidacy in this game. I'll not have time to play another one so I wouldn't be able to create or judge it. I'll be otherwise occupied serving the Lord. Happy Jousting yall!

  11. Have a happy 2 years, Archeantus, and we'll see you back on here when you get home, right?

  12. I tried to judge November 1st, but I was on a school computer and it wouldn't let me post! So now I will repost my judgement.

    All of these were very funny and creative, but my most favorite were the sheet ideas from Delirious!! Made me laugh out the loudest (or L O the L-est) :) Congrats Delirious!!!