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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Captain Caption

Caption contests are fun, but I can't allow something as simple as a one line caption for a contest as historically hilarious as Word Joust! No! You must write the caption to this picture as a song name and the first line of the chorus. This song must be made up by you yourself. As always points for hilarity. Also I'll add points for alliteration and onomatopoeia. Happy Jousting!


  1. First Gray Hair
    "I know you can't accept it, but I found your first gray hair."

    Don't Cry Baby
    "Don't cry baby, let me wipe your tears."

    Growing Up Is Hard to Do
    "You can pick your friends, but don't pick your pimple"

  2. Man, I was going to use "Head Shoulders Knees and Toes".... ok original...

    "Best Friends"
    I'll be your shoulder to cry on, and I'll wipe away your tears...

    "Little Red"
    The better to see you with, the better to hear you with my deeeeeear...

  3. "Hide N' Seek"
    Just close your eyes, and I'll run hide...

    Just shut your mouth and close your eyes

    Go to sleep, little creep, 'fore I slap you to sleep.....

    "Don't Be Bad"
    Speak no evil, see no evil...

    "Big Dogs Don't Cry"
    You can't hide, dry your tears, bathtime will be over soon...

  4. "Let's Eat out, Dawg"

    Roadkill! Roadkill! Let's have lunch....in the morning, we'll do brunch.

  5. "Got Yer Nose!"

    Cuz, now I know you've got my back,
    When times are tough, or trouble shows,
    And I will try to stay on track,
    But not right now, cuz I've got yer nose!

    Why do all my "funny" songs end up sounding country?....

  6. Don't deny the country in you, Mr. Giggles - embrace it!!

  7. Final call for entries! I pass judgment tomorrow.

  8. Well, I liked Delirious's "First Gray Hair", and Mr. Giggles's "Got Yer Nose!" was pretty funny, but Mrs. Rogers's "Little Red" cracked me up, and her "Shoulder to Cry On" really went with the picture. Therefore, Mrs. Rogers, you win this Joust!

  9. Archeantus, I think you need to remind Mrs. Rogers that she has the next game. :0)