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Thursday, August 18, 2011


Well, I don't really have a reason for this game. I just felt like it. On that note, your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to write an acronym. Doesn't matter what it's about. Points for hilarity, creativity, and alliteration. Happy Jousting!


  1. OOOBEM.....Oppose Ogre Obama By Electing Mitt :D

    1.BAA - boring and annoying 2.SLAP - stop loud annoying person 3. ESP - extra-special person 4. MAP- most annoying person 5. BRAT- big rude annoying thing 6. TCFW - too cool for words 7. TMA- take me away 8. ID- I dibs 9. IDNI - I dibs not it 10. LSL -let's stay longer 11.LSRN- let's split right now 12. GUADS - get up and do something 13.GMOOHQ - get me out of here quick

  3. Acronyms for the cynic in all of us:

    YBS: Your Breath Stinks
    IHKIA: I Hate Know-It-Alls
    YWAPOM: You Want a Piece of Me?
    DGMTLOC: Don't Give Me That Load of Crap
    JWA: Just Walk Away
    YASFOI: You Are So Full of It
    WSIC: Why Should I Care?
    HITMP: How Is That My Problem?
    YSDTSE: You Should Do That Somewhere Else
    DIHYMC: Do I Hear Your Mother Calling?
    CMARYBB: Cry Me a River, You Big Baby!

    And in Homage to The Simpsons...

    TWISTLHTMTBT: "That's Where I Saw the Leprechaun. He Told Me to BURN Things."
    IDDI: "I Didn't Do it."
    NSMDI: "Nobody Saw Me Do It."
    YCPA: "You Can't Prove Anything."

    LD: Later, Dudes!

  4. (I stole this first one from MR. Giggles :)

    BOMB = Back out of my bubble!

    SLAP ME= say less and please mind excuses

    BODY RAMP = Back Off Dude You're Really Annoying My Peeps

    NA= nerd alert

    HA= Hunk alert

    BA= Babe alert

    WTF= What's the fuss?
    (ha..got you there. You thought I was going to say something bad, didn't you? :P)

  5. Anyone else? Bueller? Bueller? I'll give one more day to get in entries.

  6. Sorry...I've really been way too busy the last 3 weeks. Here's my entry, in honor of Hurricane Irene:

    IRENE = It's Really Erratic Nature Everywhere!

  7. woh, sorry about the wait.

    well, I liked Mr. Giggles's entries and Inklings's really made me laugh, but I think Delirious really got what I was going for by turning regular words into acronyms that also happen to make me laugh. With that, plus calling Obama an Ogre, Delirious wins! Congratulations!