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Saturday, August 6, 2011


There's a show on some TV channel called, "My Strange Addiction".  I've never watched it, but Comcast had a video clip on their front page about it, about a woman whose strange addiction is eating rocks.  In the video it shows her eating rocks and she says how satisfying it is and how she doesn't know how she could ever not eat rocks.  Her son was also on the video clip saying how disturbed he is because his mother eats rocks. 

Your challenge for our next Word Joust game is to come up with a Strange Addiction.  This doesn't have to be an eating addiction, but can be an addiction of any kind.  You may write your entry in any way you wish: like a news story, a commercial for a TV show, a poem, limerick, joke, etc, etc.  Use your imagination! 

Happy Jousting!


  1. I love to read, I read a lot.
    It started with Dick, Jane and Spot.
    I saw them walk, I saw them run,
    And I thought reading was so fun!
    I read Seuss with all my daughters
    And stood in line for Harry Potters.
    I read Mercer Mayer to my sons.
    I read cookbooks to make buns.
    I read through Junes and Februaries.
    I even read obituaries.
    I read mysteries, sagas, capers.
    I always read the funny papers.
    I read biographies and math
    Before I sleep, after a bath.
    So when I die, please take a book
    And tuck it in my coffin's nook.

  2. I'm addicted to Harry Potter,
    I cannot tell a lie!
    From Sorcerer's stone down to the end,
    The books, I all did buy.

    But that's not where my addiction stops,
    I also bought the movies.
    And also some of the CDs
    The music is so groovy!

    Now I confess, I saw the last
    of all the movies made
    I saw it in 3D no less,
    Eight dollars is all I paid!

    But that's not where my addiction stops.
    I yearn to go and see,
    the Disney Harry Potter land.
    Real life is better than 3D!

    I must admit I know some spells,
    and might have tried to use some,
    or might have not, I'll let you guess,
    like "Enervate!", or "Dissendium!"

    I wish I could use "Engorgio"
    upon my chocolate fudge.
    Or maybe use "Alohomora"
    When my door won't budge.

    The one I really wish I'd used,
    Is the "Impendimenta" spell.
    To keep J.K. from finishing
    the HP books so well.

    For now the books are finished,
    There's no more left to come.
    And all our hopes of future books
    have dashed away, "Wingardium".

  3. Wow! These are really good! Keep 'em coming!

  4. We seriously need more people to play!

  5. I can't remember how it started,
    nor how it continued.
    It was like my brain just farted,
    then suddenly ensued
    my disturbing new addiction.

    Most people would take up gardening,
    (at least out in the yard)
    but now this new fun computer game
    has left me much like lard:
    my disturbing new addiction.

    I garden all right, and bowling too,
    while sitting on the couch.
    Flesh and bones and wonderful sunshine...
    I'm starting to slouch with
    my disturbing new addiction.

    "Cannons to the left, [to the right]"
    well, at least somewhat so.
    My gardening creations will fight
    fight hard against my foes.
    my disturbing new addiction.

    Then they come, the dreaded enemy,
    to take away my brains.
    With slobber, drool, and rotting voices
    and clothes covered in stains.
    my disturbing new addiction.

    A mighty battle right on the lawn
    they've eaten my daisies.
    A cherry bomb and many are gone,
    I'm becoming crazy.
    my disturbing new addiction.

    They have now broken through the front lines,
    what could they have to gain?
    But how silly of me to doubt it:
    they've come to eat my brain!
    my disturbing new addiction.

    I look up at the clock: 4 hours gone!
    I've embarrassed my name!
    Plants vs. Zombies, you're dead and done!
    Well, perhaps one more game...
    My disturbing new addiction.

  6. OK, if anyone else wants to play, you need to hussle and submit your answers because I'm going to call this soon!

  7. Ok, I'm going to call this because I'm really busy this week since my mother-in-law is here and if I don't call it now I may forget about it until next week. :0+

    I loved Inkling's entry about reading everything. I love to read and do it constantly! I really identified with Delirious' entry about Harry Potter. I was talking about HP last night at dinner with my son and he declared my family was the biggest HP fans he knew. :0} I was telling my son that I had the answer to the energy crisis: We just all need to learn to apperate! :0}

    After reading Archeantus' entry I decided I needed to declare him the winner, since his entry truly indicated a "disturbing addiction". Congratulations Archeantus! You're the winner of our Disturbing Addictions Round! Now you get to come up with the next Word Joust Game! (Which is an addiction in itself!) :0D