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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


It's been awhile since we've done a "word verification", so today's your lucky day because that's what this new game is going to be!  This is an actual word verification I got from Delirious' blog.  I had to click the comment link about 8 times before I got a word verification that I liked. :0)

 So here's what I want:  Give me a definition and use it in a sentence.  Extra points for making me laugh out loud!

Here's your word:  reastran

Happy Jousting!


  1. reastran - the process of reversing a sex change operation.
    Chuckette plans to reastran back to a man after her hormone treatments. She found out she wasn't tough enough to handle PMS.

  2. Reastran: The procedure by which hair implants are reapplied after falling out.
    Elton John recently shook his head one too many times while playing "Candle in the Wind", and had to reastran his hair transplants.

    (Inklings took my idea. :)

  3. reastran- abbr. real strange.

    a. Teen lingo for real strange. a combination of the words real and strange.

    "The realstran thing is that Inkling's definition sounds plausible."

    b. slang for "really cool"
    "That party last night was reastran, dude"

  4. Ok all you Jousters! It's been a week and we only have 3 players. It's time to Wake Up, Get Your Act Together, Get On the Stick, Hustle Up, Get Going, Hurry Up,Start Thinking and Get On Down the Road, because Times A'Wastin' and if You Snooze, You Lose!

  5. reastran - (re-a-strain)
    To strain oneself a second time in order to achieve the goal or fail once again.

    Straining yourself once is bad enough, but if you still can't reach it, you must reastran.

  6. Ok, I guess this game has gone on long enough, so it's time to call a winner. I loved everyone's answers! I loved Archeantus' sentence stating that if we can't reach something, we must reastran. I thought Eutychus' coined word for "cool" was quite catchy. I laughed at the image Delirious' painted for us of Elton John shaking his head one too many times. But what made me really laugh out loud, was Inklings definition of a sex change reversal and particularly the reason Chuckette decided she needed to reastran back to a man. Congratulations Inklings! You're the winner of this round. Good luck coming up with the next round of Word Joust!