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Friday, October 22, 2010


In a recent conversation someone said to me, "She's such a drama llama!"
Your misssion, should you choose to accept it, is to define just what a drama llama actually is. I'm looking for some explicit characteristics in whatever form you choose to take.


  1. (A Drama Llama can be male or female. In this song, we have designated a Drama Llama as a female.)

    (To the tune of "Beat It", with apologies to Michael Jackson...)

    You say you wanna know just what a Drama Llama does?
    A Drama Llama loves to get you all upset, because
    She wants all the attention 'cause it's all such a buzz,
    Drama LLama. Drama Llama.

    You'd better run away, just get right out of that scene
    The Drama Llama's crying and she's getting mean
    Her mascara's running down (but she thinks it's so keen)
    Drama Llama. Drama Llama.

    Drama Llama, Drama Llama,
    No one wants to be around ya
    Tired of the screamin'
    The rants and the raves
    All of this drama takes up all my days
    Drama Llama, dramallamadramallama
    Drama Llama, dramallamadramallama

    She calls again, she's crying, and you know she's all sad
    It's urgent, catastrophic, so you know she's mad
    Just listen while she carries on, her life is so bad
    Drama LLama. But you know you've been had.

    Drama Llama, Drama Llama,
    Grow up! But she just doesn't wanna
    Just hear the cryin', the tantrums and fits
    All of this drama puts me in the pits
    Drama Llama, dramallamadramallama
    Drama Llama, dramallamadramallama.

  2. Wow Nene, how in the world are we supposed to top that?!?! This surely will be a challenge...

  3. Drama Llama: noun, a person who might look totally adorable on the outside, but is ready at a moment to throw temper tantrums and spit at you.

  4. It has been over a week. Anyone else want to play?

  5. Drama Llama is the misspelling of Drama Lama which is the existential source of all things thespian.

  6. You beat me to it, Fromagette. I was going to say that Drama is the Dalai's city cousin.

    He looks alot like him, but likes to dress in drag on weekends to give his Saturday show, "Drama Queen," at the Palace a little more kick!

    He got his start when Oprah mistook him for his more famous relative and put him on TV before realizing her mistake, but NOT before he tried to take over the show, and practically tackled Tom Cruise when he came on stage. It was just too much Drama for her to handle.

    Ever since, he's the only celeb the Paparazzi try to avoid. He's been known to chase them down begging them to take his picture. In fact, one reporter last year drove his car into a lake while trying to avoid Drama.

    When questioned, all the man could say in comment, was "Drama, Drama, Drama."

  7. WOW! I loved all of these entries, so picking is hard. I love the thought of a Drama Llama spitting is someone's face. I love the thought that it might be mispelled andis the existential source of all things thespian, and I love that the Drama Llama chases the paparazzi! But I am pronouncing Nene the winner this time with her very creative song.
    Great entries, all of you! I think Drama Llama has been well-defined.

  8. I loved everyone's entries too and especially loved the "spitting llama".

    Ok, now to come up with a game.......:0+