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Saturday, November 20, 2010


Okay, I will admit it, the Turkey awards was... well....um....a turkey. So I give myself the award and change the game. Given that this week I had to delete a Facebook comment, delete an Inklings blog, and delete a word joust game....and am now still lingering under the spell of the amazing Harry Potter movie I saw yesterday....the new game will be a wish for a little magic.
Please come up with a word that will magically change time back when, despite your well intentions, you totally do the wrong thing.


  1. I didn't think your Turkey awards were a bad thing. I just think we're all trying to either get ready for Thanksgiving or try to get ready to go away for Thanksgiving. Plus Choral Response usually plays, but he kind of has his hands full right now.

    Here's my word:

    Juskidinus Maximus!

  2. Well, I was going to go back to the Turkey Awards post and type an entry, but it's gone! You really DID obliviate it!

  3. lemmetrydatagainicus (illustrated with an extremely elaborated swish, flick, and wave)



    Maybe more to come, but I gotta get ready for church right now.

  4. Like Archeantus, I have a few moments before going to church, so here goes...

    Oopsieretryo! (accompanied by the swish, flick, and finished by poking yourself in the eye with your wand).

  5. Rewindagainus! = Done while going backwards in a circle!

  6. These are great! Now, if they only actually worked......:0)

  7. Ok, I cheated. This is a the latin phrase for "one more chance." You say, "fortuna magis" while performing a complicated figure eight which results with your wand flying up over your head and hitting you in the behind.

  8. Any more entries? I will decide soon. :0)

  9. Hey, isn't fortuna magis the griffondor password on the third movie?



    a new form of apparation, instead of spinning horizontally, the caster turns sideways and spins vertically in mid-air, apparating into the past before he/she made any mistake.

  10. I loved every one of these, and the doing it backwards in a circle is great, but Archeantus came up with several really creative ones, especially apparating into the past before you made the mistake, so this game goes to him.
    Congratulations, Archeantus!

  11. oh boy! to come up with a game now... =)