Word of the Day

Sunday, October 3, 2010


The game for this week (Or until everybody gets to play) is to take an invention, anything at all, and change its purpose and name, to make it do something completely different. For example, a salt and pepper shaker becomes a chocolate and vanilla dispenser. As always, extra points will be given to creativity, hilariousness, and extra stuff such as a short story involving your new Changevention. Be Creative! Be Bold! Be Underlined and Italics! And as always, Happy Jousting!!


  1. After a time-out from jousting for my health, I'm going to ease back in to play.

    A Water Hydrant, and whenever there is a flood, it lets out fire to dry up the water.

    (taken from a Fire Hydrant, that lets out water to drench the fire)

    i may post again when the Nyquil wears off. lol

  2. I"m feeling really brain dead on this one. It might take me a little longer to come up with a submission.

  3. You say there's something in the air you wish would go away?
    I've got just the thing you need, an air freshener spray.
    If anything is in the air to which you must object it,
    just press the nozzle once or twice to cause air to reject it.
    If your great aunt Sally says you really ought to diet,
    one spray of this is all it takes to make the words all quiet.
    If you find yourself amid a swearing, angry mob,
    One spray dissolves the rant away. It does a lovely job.
    So when you find yourself a victim of some awful noise pollution,
    Grab a can of Fresh Air for a peaceful resolution.

  4. This is not my entry but Inklings reminded me of a spray we had in the military in Iraq. It was called the "Good idea Fairy- Spray" The Good Idea Fairy usually manifests itself in people that come up with all those "great" ideas and expect someone else to take care of the details, creating more work for everyone else. We kept a can of this spray on hand and used it extensively to keep the little buggers at bay.

  5. Okay, this is an invention that I've actually always wanted. Adapt the microwave so that it can not just heat things up, but cool things down! Want ice cream? Just click "cool" and the appropriate time and your cream will freeze! Want popcicles? Stick some kool-aid in the microwave and hit the handy "popcicle" button! ;)

  6. Any other players on this one? I think it's been over a week. Come quick if you want to play! :)

  7. This is really not an invention, but just a new type of job, or position that I think is well needed:

    I think we all need a good "Slapper". You could have a "Family Slapper" for instance. This would be someone that you could call up and give them the name of the person in your family that needs a "good slap". For a small fee, they would go to that person's house and deliver the "slap". The fee might be determined as to how hard of a slap the person might need. That would be determined by how stupid the person is acting. Someone might just need a "gentle slap", but if they were really being stupid, maybe a "good hard slap" might be in order.

    Of course there would also be a need for an "Office Slapper", or a "Neighborhood Slapper". This could continue up through cities, states and countries, ending with the "Government Slapper", which would be the highest paying, but busiest and most demanding job.

  8. I'm a little busy, judging shall commence Friday. Stragglers have till then to enter.

  9. Right, so They were all pretty good. I liked the slapper and the good idea spray, they both made me laugh, and both creative. I loved the idea of the microwave cooler and I have wanted to use it several times. However, the Fresh Air took the cake with the feature of not only taking away smells, but sounds too. Plus I laughed, and very creative with the wording in the post. Inklings Wins!