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Friday, December 25, 2009

New Year Resolutions

So now that we are approaching the new year, I thought we should go along with that theme for our next game. And while still in the spirit of giving, I thought we all should give one last gift this year. I would like all of you to make up some new year's resolutions for celebrities or famous people. :D For example, Richard Simmon's new year resolution could be: Wear longer exercise shorts. :P Don't hold back, I'm sure they can benefit from your help!


  1. 1) Pres. Obama resolves to actually DO something to earn his Nobel Prize.
    2) Paris Hilton resolves to eat at least one full meal per week.
    3) Tiger Woods resolves to date only one woman . . . per day.
    4) Jeff Foxworthy resolves to improve his mind by hanging out with SIXTH graders.
    5) Jim Carrey, Mike Myers, and Adam Sandler resolve to make dumb movies.
    6) Sylvia Brown doesn't need a resolution -- she's already seen everything she'll do this year.
    7) Britny Spears resolves to actually sing one of her songs, put on some clothes, and not get married this year.
    8) Snoop-Dog resolves to buy a belt.
    9) Adam Lambert resolves to not kiss strange boys on live TV.
    10) Simon Cowell resolves to wear a color. ANY. Color.
    11) Paula Abdul resolves to be positive and say something nice. And to say it on the first try.
    12) Jeff Probst doesn't need a resolution -- his life is awesome!
    13) David Letterman resolved to keep his hands off his coworkers.
    14) Kobe Bryant resolves to try passing the ball every now and then.
    15) Hugh Jackman resolves to lose some of that Holiday flab and get some exercise.
    16) Stephanie Meyer resolves to write a guy who is based in reality.
    17) Johnny Depp resolves to play a character who is NOT totally bizarre.
    18) Sandra Bullock resolves to make a movie with guy her own age.
    19) Shaun White resolves to go BIG or go HOME.
    20) Emeril resolves to kick it up a notch.
    2*0*1*0) Robin Williams resolves to take life less seriously.

  2. Holy Cow, Giggles! How are we supposed to compete with this!?! :0)

  3. 2010 Celebrity New Year's Resolutions:

    1) Jim Bob Dugger resolves to get a vasectomy
    2) Michael J. Fox resolves to put a positive spin to his Parkinson's disease and take up banjo lessons (I'm sorry, I'm so mean)
    3) Cher resolves to not have any more plastic surgery since she's actually run out of human flesh.
    4) Bill Gates resolves to create a Windows software without bugs
    5) Tiger Woods resoves to emulate Bill Clinton and swears "I did not have sex with those women"

  4. I just have one and I believe it applies to every celebrity:

    Grow up and take responsibility for your actions.

  5. Chaz Bono resolves to "shake what her mama gave her." Of course, it will be easy to shake, 'cause it will be in a jar.....

  6. 1. Obama resolves to have an "I" exam
    2. Hilary Clinton resolves to get a BILL of divorcement
    3. Susan Boyle resolves to dream another dream so she can make a 2nd album.
    4. Tiger Woods resolves to not sleep with ALL of the women in rehab.
    5. Elin Woods resolves to get a bigger golf club in case he does.

    Funny one about Chaz, Mr. Giggles, but a little gross when I visualized it. :0)

  7. Okay, I'm calling this round. I think I'm going to go with Mr. Giggles this time, partially because of his sheer enthusiasm for the game. :) Congratulations Giggles...next round is up to you!