Word of the Day

Sunday, December 13, 2009


I'm playing a wild card this time. Do anything you want - limerick, acrostic, anagram, ode, joke, or something you can come up with, but use this phrase: LUMP OF COAL. Tell what you did along with your answer, or Santa will leave you a lump of coal for Christmas for being naughty. :0)


  1. A lump of coal for Eutychus for inadvertently posting to unsuspecting word jousters.
    (that's not my entry, only my apology)


    L is for the Long,Long Lines we stand in
    U is the Up-and-coming Christmas Day
    M is for the Many gifts we're buying
    P is for the Packages we Pay.

    O is for the "Only-Other-Option"
    F is for Finally giving Cash.

    C is for the Cash we're running out of
    O is for Officially broke at last
    A is for our credit card Allowance
    L is the Low balance in the past

    Put them all together they mean Christmas
    Makes you wonder how we get ahead?
    You think I sound discouraged, grumpy, ornery?
    That's why I get a Lump of Coal instead. :0+

  3. To the tune of O Tannenbaum:

    O Lump of Coal, O Lump of Coal,
    Waiting in my stocking.
    O Lump of Coal, O Lump of Coal,
    With shiny edges mocking.

    All year I have been very good,
    Except for when I really should.
    O Lump of Coal, O Lump of Coal,
    For all the kids most naughty.

    O Lump of Coal, O Lump of Coal,
    With all the presents set near.
    O Lump of Coal, O Lump of Coal,
    However did you get here?

    You make me weep on Christmas Day
    While other children get to play.
    O Lump of Coal, O Lump of Coal,
    I’ll try to be good next year!

  4. The Christmas Rap

    I used to be a gangsta,
    I even did some time.
    Me and all my homies
    did some rappin' rhyme.
    (chorus-blown in to a mic)
    poom poom poom pa pa poom poom poom

    One day on Christmas morning
    down in the hood,
    I stole a lot of presents,
    all that I could.
    (chorus: poom...)

    But out on the rooftop
    a strange thing did I see,
    Santa with his reindeer sayin,
    "Don't be 'dis"in me!"
    (chorus: poom...)

    "You give back all those presents!
    Don't give me a bad rep!
    They be thinkin Santa jipped them.
    And you know that that ain't hep.
    (chorus..poom poom..)

    Now Santa is my homie,
    He's down with the hood,
    I promised to return them,
    I promised to be good.
    (chorus: poom...)

    I took back all the presents
    all the goodies that I stole.
    But when I opened my stocking,
    I got a lump of coal!
    Chorus: poom poom poom pa pa poom poom poom)

    The moral of the story
    is don't be lifting goods.
    Cuz Santa knows your name,
    and he knows if you've been good!"
    (Chorus: poom poom poom pa pa poom poom poom)

  5. These are great! But I'm waiting to see if there will be any more.

  6. These were all so great - the whole 3 of them :0s - that I honestly couldn't decide which was best. So I wrote the names on slips of paper and drew out a winner. It's Delirious! I guess everyone else was too busy with Christmas? (Eutychus, I almost said your entry was the winner, just to be funny.)

  7. Oops! I forgot that I won! Bad Delirious...bad girl....