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Friday, August 28, 2009


First of all, I'm setting the record straight that I do not have a flying phobia. I heard that definition of an airplane (a silver tube with wings) in a comedy routine. Although that thought does cross my mind as I'm flying. :0)

Let's stick with word verification for this next round. Give me a definition and use it in a sentence. Keep it clean. :0)

The word verification is: BUTOISI


  1. butoisi (but-o-is-i)- a fervant exclamation of woe. When I had a flat tire I exclaimed, "Butoisi!"

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  3. butoisi (slang) - an exclamatory conjunction signaling comprehension following an interjection, commonly used by people who don't get a joke upon first hearing.

    example: "So the woman had a duck under her arm? Butoisi! (But...Oh, I see!)"

  4. The term used to describe teenagers who sag their pants. "Oh there goes another Butoisi"

  5. Butoisi (adj): Pale and sickly

    Mary couldn't help but worry about her son as he had looked rather butoisi when he left for school.

    (I hope I understand this game properly. I'm just treating it like Balderdash, so I hope that is ok.)

  6. butoisi (bu-toy-see) slang, archaic.
    Someone who interrupts a conversation with unwelcome remarks. Precursor to "butinski."

    Well thank-you very much Mr butoisi, now if you don't mind, we'd like to continue our conversation.

  7. Okay, I guess everyone who's interested is in.

    I declare Delirious the winner of this round! You have to admit, her definition of Butoisi and coining of phrase may just catch on!