Word of the Day

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Round 3

Let's try a word verification word.

Give me a definition for this word and use it in a sentence.



  1. Tubeavis: Deliberation over which television show to watch. Example: We had a considerable tubeavis regarding the merits of CSI Miami vs NCIS.

  2. Tubeavis: from the Latin, "Tubea," meaning a vegetable growing under the ground (a "tuber"), and "vis," referring to the eyes, this is a scientific term for the eyes of the potato.
    Example: Before chopping the potato, first wash, peal, and remove the tubeavis.

  3. tu-be-avis: n. Someone who tries harder, but still gets second place.
    She did her best in the marathon, but got the Tubeavis Award for coming in second.

    (Yes, I know that was pathetic, but it is perfectly okay with me if the first place is passed back and forth between Choral Responses and Delirious. I don't mind being a tubeavis.:0D )

  4. Tubeavis - a fear of flying because one knows that an airplane is just a metal tube with wings.

    Mavis hoped her psychiatrist could help her with her Tubeavis disorder before she had to fly cross the Atlantic again.

  5. Tubeavis- slang. Directed at older people who still remember when MTV had music. (This term originally referred to an old (attempt) MTV cartoon Beavis and B***head)

    "Dude, check-out the brown socks with those shorts- tubeavis man."

  6. Okay, I think we have heard from everyone that wants to participate in this round. I think that I'm going to go with Nene for her flying phobia. Not only do I identify with it, I think she writes from experience. ;)