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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Vacation TOP TEN!!!

I know that for some, this will seem like it is meant for only my family. Not true. However... since we WILL be missing some of our family members this summer, I thought we would create a Word Joust in their honor. I don't always stay up watching TV, but when I do, I love to see David Letterman's Top Ten. For this round, you should create your own Top Ten List. Be original. But your list should reflect the theme of Summer Vacation. For those who so desire, you may bend that any way you want. You are limited ONLY by those things that can be seen, heard, tasted, smelled, felt, said, or done while on summer vacation. I know the picture isn't exactly in line with the theme, but it was funny and my family will know exactly what I'm talking about. Happy Jousting!


  1. SUMMER GAME RULES: 1. Jenga: You can pile things as high as you can where you are staying, as long as they don't topple over. 2. Monopoly: the snack food hidden under the seat in your car is only for YOU. 3. Musical chairs: When one person leaves a crowded room, everyone else can scramble to get a better seat. 4. Life: If you don't like what the group is eating for dinner, get your own cold cereal. 5.Battleship: Use your best strategy to win arguments with your father. Um, I mean, other people. 6. Hide'n'Seek: you must enlist the help of relatives to find lost keys, wallets, sunglasses, kids.... 7. Hopscotch: you must hop on one foot or the other to get across a crowded room that has all the kids sitting on the floor in front of the tv. 8.Pictionary: When your hard-headed relatives just don't get it, sometimes you have to draw them a picture.
    9. Pick up Sticks: When you are having a campfire or the relative whose house you are staying at needs to mow the lawn. Extreme pick up sticks: when the argument gets really bad. 10. Uno: you must notify your children when you get down to your last dollar!

  2. lol Inklings, "Pick up Sticks" could also involve a disagreement between two older people with canes....

  3. Top Ten Things You Never Want To Hear On Summer Vacation

    Presented by Bart Simpson

    10.Are we there yet?
    9.Are we there yet?
    8.Are we there yet?
    7.Are we there yet?
    6.Are we there yet?
    5.Are we there yet?
    4.Are we there yet?
    3.Are we there yet?
    2.Are we there yet?
    1.Are we there YET?

  4. Top Ten Things I Wish Other People Would Do BEFORE Going To The Beach
    Presented by David Hasselhoff
    10. Bring an iPod (I don't want to hear their (c)rap music!)
    9. Eat. (You're food attracts seagulls, which, in bulk, scare me)
    8. Leave the beer at home
    7. Cover up. Wet suits are preferred.
    6. Shave i.e. legs, chest, armpits, back...
    5. Exercise
    4. Tan
    3. Use the restroom.
    2. Decide not to go to the beach.
    1. Not spill oil in the ocean.

  5. Top 10 Things I Will Miss this Summer Vacation

    10. The smell of sage brush after a rain shower.
    9. Looking for arrowheads and desert roses out in the hills.
    8. Walking around town to pick up the mail.
    7. Driving 15 to 50 miles to buy groceries.
    6. Sleeping in a tent in all kinds of weather.
    5. Listening to the same stories I've heard before.
    4. Fixing whatever my parents have been saving up all year for me.
    3. Filling a third of the chapel with our family during sacrament meeting.
    2. Sitting outside with all my relatives eating potluck.
    1. Visiting my parents and siblings that I only get to see once a year.

  6. 10 Top Things You Sacrifice For Summer Family Reunions

    10. Immediate bathroom privileges. (Wait in line like everybody else!)
    9. Your chair. (Don’t expect it to be there when you get back. You move, you lose!)
    8. All you can eat. (When it’s dinner time, everyone has to fight for their rights.)
    7. Personal body space. (What? You mean it’s not normal to cram 30 people in to one small room?)
    6. Blood. (Mosquito repellant doesn’t always work.)
    5. Cleanliness. (See number 10 above. Same rule applies to showers.)
    4. Privacy. (See number 7)
    3. Dignity. (Yes, we do want you to dress up as a clown for the parade.)
    2. Sanity (See all above)
    1. Loneliness. (You will get to be with loved ones for the entire vacation!)


    (And their "real" translations):

    10) You look like you've lost weight. (Translation: I just remember you being fatter)
    9) You don't need to bring any food or supplies when you come to visit. (Translation: But we'll take candy, nuts, etc.)
    8) We always leave for church 30 minutes early. (Translation: Why aren't you already ready? Church starts in an hour and it's a 5 minute drive to get there.)
    7) You need to lose weight. (Translation: I am so skinny that I really and truly think like an anorexic person now.)
    6) Let's leave to go to town at 10am. (Translation: I'm not leaving until "The Price is Right" is over.
    5) I'm an excellent driver. (Translation: In the daytime, not over 45 mph, and only in my dreams.)
    4) I can walk fine, I don't need a cane. (Translation: As long as I can hold onto the furniture when I'm walking.)
    3) Don't eat too much sugar, don't eat too much salt, drink more water. (Translation: Eat bland food and only drink water, but not cold water, because it's not good for you.)
    2) Would you like to watch a DVD? (Translation: We watch these same dvds over and over.)
    1) We're sure glad you could come to visit us. (Translation: You make us happy when you come, you make us happy when you leave.)

  8. Top 10 Song Lyrics About Family Reunions (Some are more applicable to extended reunions. :)

    10. I’ll be there. ♪♫ (Michael Jackson)
    9. Eat it, just eat it. ♪♫ (Weird Al Yankovich)
    8. I will survive. ♪♫ Gloria Gaynor
    7. Don’t stand so close to me ♪♫ Sting
    6. Take me home, country roads ♪♫ John Denver
    5. Whooooo are you? Who, who? Who who? ♪♫ (The Who’s)
    4. It don’t matter if you’re black or white ♪♫ (Michael Jackson)
    3 First time ever I saw your face. ♪♫ (Roberta Flack)
    2. There is beauty all around, when there’s love at home. ♪♫ (church hymn)
    1. We are family! ♪♫ (Sister Sledge)

  9. I am going to call this Monday night, since I am going on vacation Wed. morning, after spending the night as a chaperon at Girl's Camp for my daughters. Any takers need to get their lists in by tomorrow. These are great, by the way!

  10. Ok, I have to go pack for my vacation, so I'm calling this one. Some of them were SOOO true! Some were a little TOO true, but the only one that I could see Dave actually having on his show was the "Top Ten Things I Wish Other People Would Do BEFORE Going To The Beach, Presented by David Hasselhoff" posted by Sammandsuch. Congrats! You're the winner. I look forward to seeing what game you come up with!