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Monday, June 28, 2010


Well I don't know about you, but I can't believe that they don't have that oil spill in the Gulf cleaned up yet!  It even seems like there are many people with ideas, but they are just not trying much at all.  So here's the next game:

In the next Word Joust Game, you must submit an original idea of how they can clean up the oil in the Gulf.  This idea doesn't necessarily have to be scientifically correct (and it doesn't even have to really work), but the winner will be determined on how creative the idea is, and how creatively the idea is pitched.  So put your thinking caps on and really sell me on this one, and who knows?  Maybe we can send our idea to Obama!  I'm sure he'll appreciate one more idea on how to clean up the oil spill.....:0)


  1. Oil cleanup ideas
    1. Throw two tons of "bounty" papertowels in to the ocean.

    2. Have helicopters "drag" the surface of the ocean with large pieces of towel like material.

    (By the way, did you see the video of them men who had the idea of using hay?)

  2. Since I snoozed, I 'losed', because Delirious had the exact same idea as I did!

    One, send robotic penguins, ducks, and other oil-coated animals into the water. Enough of them should do the trick, and save the real animals!

    Two, hook my car up to the ocean, I need an oil change! Maybe we can send S.A.M.M.s out there (Scuba Auto-Motive Mechanics), and they can change EVERYONE'S oil!

    or Three, have the SP (Sea Protectors) take the OIL out of OCEAN SPILL, and you're left with CEANSPL, which will give us SP CLEAN. It doesn't get much cleaner than SP clean. Spick and Span! ;)

    (Forgive my reaching, this is my first word joust) :)

  3. Ok, so my cleanup idea is actually done in two stages: stage 1 for oil at sea and stage 2 for oil already on the beaches.

    Stage 1: This is actually and old cure. Cast your bread upon the water. Dipping sandwiches in different oils has been done for years, so now we will just take our old stale bread, cast it in the ocean and it will sop up all the oil there.

    Stage 2: This is actually simpler than stage 1. We simply have the Enquirer and other such reputable magazines leak out that the oil globs on the beaches are really aphrodisiacs and will also cure impotence. The beaches will be picked clean in no time.

  4. Welcome sammandsuch! We love having more
    players! :0)

  5. Naw, you are all close, esp. Twist, but all we REALLY need to do is enlist the aid of McDonald's. You see, they are EXPERTS at grease. Why, I'm sure THEY dispose of more grease in a week than is left from that spill!

    Or we could just dip several thousand Elvis impersonators in...no, that would ADD to the spill.

    Maybe we could shove Geraldo Rivera in--his mustache should be able to soak it up.

    Surely Sylvester Stallone needs to oil up a little more; maybe he could just go for a swim?

    Better yet...we throw all the politicians into the oil spill, followed by a flaming torch, and let nature take care of two problems at once!

  6. I'm afraid that my best idea is not an original one, though it is has not yet been applied (effectively) to this kind of situation. My idea is rather simple: set up a "Someone Else's Problem" field around the entire spill, oily beaches, lost businesses, dying wildlife and all. Knowledge that spill even exists would rapidly disappear and the few people it would take to set up the field could easily keep quiet or set the parameters to include themselves. Suddenly no one would care about the spill because, hey, it's someone else's problem.

    "Someone Else's Problem" Field idea courtesy of Douglas Adams.

  7. We'll send virgins to get the oil for their lamps....oh wait, there were only 5. :0)

  8. We get a bunch of people with nappy fros.....

  9. I wonder if our current government's old-hat, stand-by, general answer to everything plan would work. Just throw money at it until you can't see the original problem anymore. Then everyone could go out in boats with buckets and scoop the oily money out of the water--you know, a bail-out....

  10. Ok, I'm about to call this one, so if anyone has any more ideas, or if anyone else wants to play, do so now!

  11. This was really hard to pick a winner. So hard, in fact that I had to enlist the help of my husband. We really liked Inkling's idea about sending virgins in to fill their lamps, but alas, I don't think we could find enough virgins.
    We also liked Sammandsuch's idea about taking our cars out there and getting our oil changed, but I think if we could change all that oil to some kind of fuel to run our cars on it would be better.
    So we finally came to Mr. Giggle's 2 answers that we liked the best - the one about the bail-out and the one about letting McDonalds clean it up since they dispose of more grease than that in a week.
    So Mr. Giggles, Congratulations! YOU are the winner for this round! I know you're so happy, because now YOU get to come up with the next game! :0D Woo-Hoo!!