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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Recipe for Disaster

(Sorry this took so long. I had family in town.)

This next game is courtesy of my charming, clever husband.

Each of you, if you feel up to the challenge, will create a recipe for a word in standard recipe format (see example below). The word you choose is up to you, but you can always turn to the Word of the Day gadget that is on this blog. The example word is not allowed. Your recipe can be funny, serious, profound, ironic, etc. (That said, I, as the judge, like a good laugh.) Your recipe can teach how to become that word, set up a scene that the word describes, or paint a portrait of a person that the word describes. In other words, be creative!



1 harried mother
2 overstimulated children, under age 5 preferred
1 pan delicious Lasagna
1/2 cup bad luck
5-10 important phone calls
1 cold granite countertop
1 box Mac and Cheese

Arrange ingredients about 30 minutes after you should have started making dinner. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Mix mother and children together until the mother can't see straight and is about to pull out her hair. Somehow manage to get the lasagna in the almost preheated oven. Sprinkle mixture with bad luck. Add phone calls one at a time with the most important and longest right as the lasagna should come out of the oven. Continue to mix the mother and children. When the kitchen is sufficiently filled with smoke, remove the lasagna with the mother and chilren mixture and place on cold granite countertop until the pyrex dish shatters. Allow the mother to steam and vent before mixing together the box of Mac and Cheese. Serve immediately.


  1. Exhaustion

    This is a simple recipe. Serves up to 22.


    1 High School Choir Director
    1 High School Choir Accompanist
    2 High School Choir Moms
    18 High School Girls

    Place Director, Accompanist and one Mom into three Chevy Suburbans. The other Mom should be placed in the same burb as the director. Mix the Girls into the suburbans randomly (this adds to the final effect). Allow all ingredients to sit in the burbs for one hour, remove and drag around an historical sight. Place back in the burbs for another hour, remove. Add pizza and three hours of music. back in the burbs, switching occasionally to hotel rooms, more historical sites, varied other meal selections, and musical performances, adding college campus tours for spice. Continue this for 2 1/2 days. Finish by adding service hours at an animal shelter, and allow to sit in the burbs for another 3 hours. Remove immediately. Garnish with luggage and souvenirs.

    Do not reheat, as all will be OUT COLD!

  2. I'm slow in posting on this one. I have Friday off, and the whole week off for spring break, so can focus more then. :)

  3. Don't worry and take you time! It took me long enough to get the game up. Should we say all recipes should be in by next Wednesday?

    And Mr. Giggles, I don't remember my high school choir tours being that exhausting, but then it has been, um, several years since I've been on one. :)

  4. Recipe for an Irish Perspicuity:

    2 dumb Americans
    Lots of warm, friendly Irish People
    Several sight-seeing tours, sprinkled with a few dozen Castles
    The narrowest roads you can find
    More rain than you need
    A dose of homesickness
    Instant Messenger
    Several thousand Frequent Flyer miles
    A tenative, 2 year assignment
    Green for garnish

    Take 2 dumb Americans and put them right into the heart of the Republic of Ireland. Mix them well with lots of warm, friendly Irish people, even though they can’t understand a word they are saying. Drive them on the “wrong side” down narrow roads with one-way “humpy bridges” on several sight-seeing tours. Be sure to sprinkle in the few dozen Castles, until seeing castles on the side of the road becomes routine. Do all of this in the wind, rain and freezing cold. Toss in a dose of homesickness and cure it with Skype, Instant Messaging and lots of frequent flyer miles. Be sure to take out of the oven before the 2 year assignment is up. Garnish with so much green you’ll have to wear sunglasses. Smile as you ingest, because it will be one of the greatest experiences of your life!

  5. Recipe for Near Disastrous Easter

    1 middle aged, somewhat senile, tired Mom
    1 short night sleep on the night before Easter
    1 very large sack of Easter candy
    3 sleeping children
    1 sleeping husband
    1 1/2 boiled, but undyed Easter eggs.

    Make sure that the mother doesn't get much sleep the night before. It is crucial that she is so tired that she actually forgets to hide the Easter candy. Let her sleep in until 8:15. Have husband wake up and ask her if the candy is hidden. Have the mother JUMP out of bed and race downstairs. Have her hide candy as fast as she can.

    Have the youngest child wake up 10 minutes later to go to the bathroom. Tell him to not come downstairs until he wakes up his siblings. This will buy a few more minutes. Reserve one of the bags of candy to bring out another day, saving time to hide the rest.

    Have the kids dye Easter eggs during general conference to keep their hands busy while they listen.
    Voila! One disastrous Easter averted!

  6. Oops, I think I didn't pay close enough attention to the rules. I used more than one word...

  7. Are there any others? Today's word (megrim) would be a fun one...

    (And in case anyone was wondering, my recipe for disaster does not describe an actual event. :) )

  8. Well, this was a tough choice, but I think Mr. Giggles followed the recipe format the best. Great job everyone!