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Monday, March 1, 2010


Now that the Winter Olympics are over, I'm wondering if anyone thought there should have been "more" games?  Your challenge for this round of Word Joust is to create a "New Winter Olympic Game".  Anything goes, but no need to be really technically involved - just give me the basics.  Describe your game and any equipment the contender might need, and what would determine a winner. 


  1. They need the Olympic flying saucer event. It combines the skills of down hill skiing, bobsled, snowboard and merry go round as the spin. Of course, all you really need is a good polished flying saucer disc to slide on.

  2. Well, I think there should be a Snow man building contest in the Olympics. I've seen ice sculpture competitions, and sand sculpture competitions, but I think there should be SNOW sculpture competitions. You may not think it's a sport, but it takes plenty of physical effort!

  3. New to the 2014 Winter Olympics, we present the newest event. Contestants need very little equipment for this, but are in dire need of more endurance and fortitude than ever seen since the first Olympic races held in ancient Greece. In fact, for the first time since those original Olympics, an event will contain ABSOLUTELY NO EQUIPMENT, GEAR, PADS, OR SAFETY FEATURES!!!

    We proudly present: Ice-Melting!

    This new breed of Olympians will be pitting their skills against the VERY FORCES OF NATURE! Each Ice-Melting Team will consist of a Sitter, a Caller, and a Warmer. The Sitter will almost literally "bare all" as they "drop trou" to better melt the massive block of ice. Callers will ensure that the Sitter stays focused, and will act as the messenger between the Sitter and the Warmer, whose job consists of providing hot peppers & hot cocoa to the Sitter. The Warmer may also hold the hands of the Sitter, but may NOT in any way come between the Sitter and the ice.

    Ice-Melting events have been known to last up to four days, as the competition finds themselves "out in the cold." Since constant contact must be maintained between the Sitter's Backside and the ice, it is rare to find a contest lasting longer. Bjorn Bjornsen of Norway holds the Ice-Melting Record after a stunning SIX-DAY melt, during which he became the only athlete in history to completely melt his ice block.

    When asked how he felt in his amazing accomplishment, he replied, "I can't feel my bum!"

    So grab a case of Preparation-H, get your Ice-Melting hat, and meet us in 4 years!

  4. Just a little hint on submitting your answers. I know I said not to get technical - but that meant, well, TECHINICAL. That didn't mean you couldn't write it in an interesting way. So to give you a hint - read Mr. Giggle's entry. :0)
    It just reads more interesting, if you know what I mean. Sorry to nit-pick. :0+

  5. Okay, okay, I know I shouldn't have posted when I was so sleepy. I'll try again.

    New Olympic Winter Sport: Snow Sculpting
    Tools allowed: any, but waterproof gloves are highly recommended.
    This new Olympic sport has taken off by wildfire! Participants from all over the world compete to build the world's best snowman. But entries aren't just limited to snowpeople, and may include animals, as well as famous landmarks.
    Famous past creations include:
    Bjorn Bjorgson's (Norway) last season entry, "Dancing with the stars" which featured Kate Gosselin and her trainer Benny Hinn in a frozen tango.

    Other popular past entries:
    Inga Vladkov's (Russia) "Obama as Dictator" featured Pres. Barrack Obama holding a sickle.

    Fred Crump (Michigan)wowed the crowd with his snow creation of a McDonald's drivethru, complete with icicle fries!

    The next winter olympics should be particularly dazzling as it will include competitors such as Benny "The Ice" Pascaliano (New York)(whose past creations actually looked like real people frozen in ice!), and the ever famous blogger "Twist" (Texas). Twist was once known to make a replica of Snoopy on his doghouse in his backyard. Rumors are that his theme this year may be reminiscent of the hit tv show "survivor".
    Celebrity guest particpants include Tiger Wood's wife Elin who has been known to produce a pretty icy shoulder, and famous film star "Buddy the Elf". This will be one tough competition to judge!

    This event will be held on thin ice.
    Uniform: wet suit to maintain body temperatures and ski poles to launch jump.
    This uniform was designed to withstand freezing temperatures, as conclusion jumping often ends in icy results.
    Contestants will shout their conclusion as they dig the ski pole into the ice for their running jump. J to C Olympians will often end up with a frigid reception or flat on their bottoms.
    Favored for the Gold is Inklings, after her resounding trial effort at a recent funeral. The US is sure to win, as citizens of that country demonstrated great ability when they jumped to the conclusion that Barack Obama would make a good president,so the US is favored to take home all 3 medals.

  7. Well, since I posted this on March 1st, I guess it's time to declare a winner since no one else has posted in the last 10 days.

    I first have to confess that this probably wasn't the greatest game, but I was just trying to find something different. I enjoyed everyone's answers and had a hard time trying to choose a winner. Part of my problem was that I didn't follow Eutychus' example and set "guidelines" as to what WOULD determine a winner. So with that in mind, I have decided to choose the winner - not based on the best new game, but based on the best "play on words". With that in mind - Inklings, congratulations - you are the winner of this round! I loved your "Jumping to Conclusions" game and especially loved that it was "played on thin ice".