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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Life's a Pitch

Our family bought a new game called "Life's a Pitch". I thought it might be fun to try it out with you here. I'm going to give you a situation, and then I will list some nouns. Each of you must pick one of the nouns (first come first served basis) and "pitch" to me why it fits the situation the best. :) Just write a comment explaining why I should pick your noun as the best answer. I'll write a long list of nouns so that you have a good choice. But you may not choose a noun that has already been used. Remember, the more creative and persuasive the answer, the more likely it will be picked.

Something you use to cure nausea

aerosol spray
waffle iron
deck of cards
cube of butter
cowboy hat
a ruler
divining rod
marshmallow creme


  1. Oh good, no one chose COWBOY HAT yet. :0)

    It was a dark and stormy night. I was walking in the rain along the deck of a cruise ship. A Texas oilman and his butler were walking nearby. The storm was causing the ship to pitch and toss, and it felt like the deck was rolling and trying to spill us off. I became very nauseous and hurried faster towards my cabin before it was too late.
    The butler did it. He saw my distress and grabbed the oilman's cowboy hat, holding it in front of me just as I lost the contents of my stomach. It's true, there really are ten-gallon hats.
    Whaddaya know, a new way to COWBOY UP. :0)

  2. I forgot to put in that when I vomited, I then felt much better. :0) I threw up and became somebody.

  3. In Ireland they call galoshes "Wellies". I'm sure they would cure your nausea and make you "well".

  4. Now, when I used to get sick, my mama would always say to me, "Stick yer finger down yer throat, son. It'll make ya feel better."

    I never could bring myself to do that, but that sage advice always stayed with me. Now, when I get sick, I jest gnaw on a stick of butter. I keep chewin' and swallowin' 'til it makes me empty my stomach. Once that happens, I feel better.

    So, when you feel sick, listen to mama's boy. Eat a stick of butter, and you be feelin' better quicker'n slop thru a pig!

  5. One might say that a nurse with an IV is like a dowser with a divining rod, only they are looking for a good vein rather than water or minerals. Now combine that with one child with pneumonia who has been throwing up (apparently, infections in children causes nausea) and is somewhat dehydrated. Thank goodness for modern medicine. And I'm going to bed now. ER visits in the middle of the night are NOT fun.

  6. marshmallow creme. It cures everything. Can anyone even doubt it? Not only is it good for a pie but it also cures nausea by coating the throat and stomach lining. Its not yucky tasting like some medicines and expands once swallowed so that your tummy feels full but not bloated. In most cases it cures the nausea completely but in the rare and unfortunate event that it does not it actually makes the whole experience more palatable as it is becomes more like coughing up a marshmallow than vomiting. The Chinese have actually used this technique for thousands of years and the Howler Monkeys do something similar with rain forest fruits when they have eaten too much green grass

  7. These are all really good! Can I delete mine? :0+

  8. I'm going to call a winner. I think this is pretty much the main people who will play this round. I also need to let you know that I wont' have much computer access next week, so I won't be able to check in, so just keep on playin' :)

    I have to say that I think Euthychus did the best job of "selling" his product. I almost wanted to go out and buy some marshmallows! ;) So this round goes to Eutychus!

  9. and you know how good I am at coming up with games....heck I can't even post on the right blog half the time...
    "think, think, think," said Pooh Bear

  10. No pressure Eutychus, you can always do a game that has been done before! :)

  11. Argh! Nothing adds pressure like saying "no pressure." :-) The doctor said I shouldn't volunteer for anything else for a while, doesn't this qualify? :-)

  12. Wait, I think I'm having an "inspired moment."

  13. Spray a waffle iron with aerosol spray, insert a deck of cards and a cube of butter and cook the whole thing while wearing a cowboy hat and galoshes. Stir the mixture with a ruler while holding a diving rod between your teeth and a dab of marshmallow creme on the tip of your nose. This is guaranteed to inspire a bout of nausea for all concerned.... oh wait.

  14. ok so it wasn't inspiration, only indigestion.

  15. LOL it wasn't inspiration, but it was definitely entertaining. :)