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Friday, November 20, 2009

Moon Fashion

With scientists being so excited that we have found water on the moon, there may be a slight possibility that humans may be hanging out on the moon in the future.
I was thinking along the lines of a space getaway to your lunar cottage. :-)
And the moon being the moon we would need moon fashion for the climate and the decreased gravity.
If you all would set your imaginations free and design, with words, some suitable moon apparel. You will need to do some studying on whatever info is available re: the climate of our nearest planetary neighbour. :-)


  1. Ad for NASA Radio:

    Now that Luna City is open and ready for you to move in, Apollo Clothing, the official clothing designer for all of Moontana, has released their Fall Line for the discerning space travelers.

    No moon outfit can begin without solar radiation protection. Calvin Klein was outsourced to produce the most comfortable lead underwear yet produced. Made of double-weave lead threads, this fabric is breathable while still allowing your family to grow. This comes in boxer, brief, bikini, thong, trainer bra, support bra, and sports bra. You’ve never worn anything THIS protective in your life!

    Get ready for those lunar temperatures with our all-inclusive insulated pressure suits. Each suit contains its own rechargeable heating unit, which maintains a comfortable temperature, while still allowing you to leave home for up to four hours a day. For longer trips, take along our travel charger to keep the icy lunar nights from freezing you rock-solid!

    For outer gear, we have a wide variety of gloves, boots and helmets to accessorize your personality. Choose from black studded biker boots, fur-topped party boots, and high impact cross-training boots. Coming soon, we will release the thigh-high clubbing boots. Each set of boots comes complete with matching gloves. See catalogues for specialty gloves. And don’t forget to add some bling to your helmets! Decals, rhinestones, and all the latest high-tech gear can complete your personal climate-controlled helmet. Choose solar shields in silver, gold, or new glossy black! Choose from a wide variety of face-shield designs to keep you looking sexy while protecting your eyesight from those unfiltered solar rays!

    And for those of you who were previously deemed too small or light-weight for prolonged residence in lunar gravity, we have now added 150 pounds of filling RIGHT INTO THE LINING of smaller suits. No longer should you fear flying off into space! And don’t worry about the extra weight—the moon’s lighter gravity makes it seem like MUCH LESS!

    Parents, be sure to check out our line of high tensile strength tethers! And don’t forget the newest addition to our catalogue: Night-vision helmets for Darkside City, opening next year!

  2. And now we present our newest line of clothing:
    "Moon Your Friends"

    This season's fashions include:
    --Tidy Weighties: lead underwear to help with that little problem of gravity.
    --Sahara Sundries: pajamas with electric blankets sewn in to the lining to help with those -153 C temperatures at night.
    --"Cool as a Cuke" costuming for day wear: Pants and shirts with a chemical lining, that when broken, cools like an ice cube. (note: this is the same technonlogy commonly used in sports medicine) This line of clothing is also guaranteed wrinkle free so that after you wring the clothes to activate the cooling mechanism, they don't stay wrinkled.
    --Neil Armstrong Moon Boots: This fashionable footwear will make you feel like a million bucks with each step you take. Embedded in the sole is a sound device that, with each alternating step calls out, "That's....one....small...step...for...man...One...giant...leap...for...mankind"
    If you order now, we will include, absolutely free, our latest Neon colored oxygen helmet. (oxygen tanks sold separately) Act now so you too can "Moon your Friends!"

  3. Ok, so I'm not all that great with descriptions and words and what has been presented already is great. So I decided to do things differently and require you to do some interpretation.

    Moon Apparel in Haiku

    Layer on layer
    Electric blanket wraps all
    Don’t trip over cord

    Fishbowl eyes the world
    Requiring own defogger
    Danger in falling

    Obtuse in bodice
    White balloon protruding arms
    Vertical stripes void

    Thickness surrounds legs
    Frankenstein could do better
    What are knees for again?

    Feet seem stuck in mud
    Arabesques impossible
    Alas, concrete shoes

    Breath in gasps and sighs
    Like a fish out of water
    O2 your rearguard

    Foil lined Apparel
    Emptiness all around me
    Inverse of models

  4. Awesome !!! delightful stuff !!!
    I'll give it a couple of more days to see if anyone else wants to pipe in ...

  5. Come and buy our lunar zoot suits
    complete with Michael Jackson moon boots.
    (Although they're sometimes quite perverse
    and only let you walk reversed.)
    Our suit's complete and in a can.
    One size fits all for every man.
    The woman's can won't mess her curls,
    and there's a can for boys and girls.
    You just have to click and spray!
    Just click it once and spray, I say.
    And so you don't have any trouble,
    Zoot suit spray can make a bubble.
    It fits your head and gives you air
    so you can travel anywhere.
    It lets you drive your lunar car
    to Venus, Jupitor and Mars.
    You can spray it on a fox
    and you can spray it in a box.
    You can spray it on a mouse
    and you can spray it in a house.
    You can spray it on a goat
    and you can spray it on a boat.
    Yes, you can spray it here and there.
    You can spray it ANYWHERE!
    So hurry, hurry, hurry fast -
    Our zoot suit spray will be a blast!

  6. Climate Controlled Spacesuits for those extreme moon temperatures. Several colors to choose from: Milky-Way White,Electric Blue, Lunar Lemon, Gaseous Green and now in Hot Pink. Those who order Hot Pink - 10% of proceeds will go to Global Breast Cancer Foundation. Our finer Spacesuits come in Black Hole, Silver Sheen, and Golden Glow for those special formal occasions.

    MoonBoots to color-coordinate with your SpaceSuit in casusal and formal colors above. All MoonBoots come with your choice of decorative sole designs: stars, planets, milky-way swirls, or your name. Leave your own unique footprint on the moon! Tired feet? Sit down and put your feet up, push a button and your MoonBoots will massage your feet. No time to relax? Simply put in automatic mode and moonboots will massage your feet while you're trodding through moon craters!

    Space Helmets guaranteed not to ruin your hairstyle: for straight hair, bob, updo. All with special ponytail extension. All come with built in IPods/Communicators. Talk on the phone, listen to music or watch a video all through your Helmet. All Helmet controls are hands-free voice activated.

    Space Gloves come with their own special lotion emulsion system. Keeps your hands soft and smooth. So flexible you can pick up a dime. Space Gloves also come with "Nail View" option which comes with clear fingertips to show off your latest manicure!

  7. Wow :-)
    I have some thinking to do ... I will announce the winner tomorrow. K
    Hope all our American friends are enjoying your Thanksgiving celebrations.

  8. Nene: I love the clear fingertip option to show off your nails and I like your colours !!

    Fromagette: love your Haiku ... you are not too impressed with lunar fashion I see. Probably more realistic than the rest of us though. ha ha

    Inklings: cool poem

    This was hard folks:

    Down to Mr Giggles 'Apollo Clothing' and Delirious' 'Moon Your Friends' which both made me smile a big smile

    I was looking for four things.
    The extreme cold
    The extreme heat
    Less gravity
    No atmosphere

    Delirious has all four in her designs. :-)
    I almost threw out the criteria for the decals and rhinestones and high tech gear for the helmets LOL

    This one goes to you Delirious :-)