Word of the Day

Friday, October 2, 2009


Okay, I think all your jokes were funnier than mine, but I'll take a turn. This will be an easy one, but something different than we have done. Take the first letter of your online name and make a sentence with it. I will give you an example using mine, I for Inklings: Increasing idiosyncrasies indicate Inklings is indeed incurably insane. (Yes, truth is stranger than fiction. :0D )Good Luck!


  1. Delightfully droll, Delirious delves deeply, defining dull doldrums.

  2. Nene, needing nourishment, nibbles noncaloric, nutritious nachos niftily, naturally, nicely, never noshing noisily, naughtily, nigglingly.

  3. May many more meager misfits mentally manage my meandering manly message; moreover, my mighty matronly mother might, many mornings, mourn misinterpreting my misread mushy meaning.

    [that's the "Mr." now for the "Giggles"]

    Going grandly green, Giggles gaily grew gangly gross grapes, giving grandpa great gooey gelled gifts.

    [okay, now for "Choral"]

    Cherished church choirs can contribute collected cranberry candy corn, collectively condoning Christmas celebrations.

    [Finally, "Responses"]

    "Realy," Roberto replied rightly, "Readers respectfully requested relocation," relishing revealing ritually repetitious robotic roles.

    (Rhat, ras RUN! Ruh-oh, Raggy, row I ran't rop!)

  4. Holy Cow Giggles! Take a breath! :0)

  5. Twist takes the terrible tall tales treatment tough, though through thoroughly testing trials trying to tell the truth totally.

  6. Eensie-weensie eUcalyptus.
    eTched eYas eCHinate;
    eUcharistic eScape.

  7. You all had great sentences, and Mr. Giggles went the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th mile doing sentences for every online name he has, but Eutychus was the most creative by encoding his online name into the words and making them capitals so we could see it. So I declare Eutychus the official winner.
    Hmmm.....round THIRTEEN....anybody superstitious? :0)

  8. oh no. My lack of imagination and the 13th round. Nothing good can come of this.....