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Thursday, October 8, 2009

I Have An Idea!!!

Make note of this day. I rely heavily on the creativity of others, especially regarding this blog. I've never had anything resembling an idea concerning a game here and am usually in awe of (and sometimes intimidated by) those who do.

But while preparing for another word verification round I was struck by, dare I say it, a half way decent game.

Round 13. (Insert Lucy VanPelt's voice here) Do you have a fear of the number 13? If so you're suffering from "Triskaidekaphobia."

What other "phobias" can you come up with?. (No actual phobias please, they scare me. :-) )


  1. Following Eutychus' example: "I will not say something political...I will not say something political..." ;)

  2. So, any limit on how many entries we can have? (Not that I have an endless supply. Just want to know.)

  3. Surveyphobia - fear of receiving an email requesting answers to random questions on a list that has been forwarded over and over since the Al Gore first invented the internet.

  4. nocturnalowieowiebangitis - a fear of getting up in the night when someone has been taking off wallpaper and moving furniture around to do it. (Since I have been moving furniture out away from the walls to take off wallpaper and paint, and Dee Ice had a little collision in the middle of the night :0s)

  5. "I will not say something political...I will not say something political..." ;)

    OK-I'll break my rule since I'm ineligible for the prize:

    nuff said.

  6. Spamoplentophobia--the fear of checking your in-box only to find that it's full of aptly-named Spam!

  7. Couchephobia - fear of dirty diapers (couche is diaper in French)

  8. Cramalottaphobia - Fear that your carry on baggage exceeds the size and weight restrictions.

  9. And breaking my rule not to say anything political - and I'm not entering this as an answer, just as a jest.

    Whatthehellnobelaphobia- Fear that the Nobel Peace Prize has now become just a political toy.

    Did I say that in my out loud voice?

    Eutychus, feel free to delete this now, I've had my say. :0+

  10. "turns a blind eye to biblical swearing when it is right on the money." ;)

  11. Maximusbuffetophobia: A fear of getting as fat as all the other people eating at the all-you-can-eat buffet.

  12. hemofamiliaphobia: The fear of having one blood line's traits display themselves.

    grampagrumpaphobia: The fear of a male grandparent being grounchy.

    Motopadialreclinophobia: The fear of moving your feet and losing your seat.

    Monolavatorophobia: The fear of only having one available bathroom.

    I may return. Thereby giving you another fear...

  13. porkovolatophobia: The fear of catching the swine flu.

    blackholeofcalcuttaphobia: The fear of being asked to be a nursery leader.

    inferioritaverbosaphobia: The fear that other's Word Joust entries will be better than yours!

    **************phobia: The fear of actually typing what scares you.

  14. Impalapedipodonoctophobia: The fear of stepping on a child's toy in the middle of the night.

    Pedigastrocasaphobia: The fear of a child eating you out of house and home.

    Pepperoculaphobia: The fear of touching your eye after cutting jalapenos.

    And contributed by my ever clever husband:

    chaostheorophobia: The irrational fear of seeing a butterfly flap its wings in a sunlit meadow.

  15. malactophobia: The fear of seeing yet another movie with Kevin Costner, Keanu Reeves, or Tom Cruise.

    addictowebaphobia: The fear that if you close down the internet on your computer, you will miss something cool.

    dodecanativicantophobia: The fear of the song, "The Twelve Days of Christmas."

    vehiculawapiticollidophobia: The fear of hitting an elk with your car (which my oldest just barely did two minutes ago....)

    spheroidafrigiprojectilindependentophobia: The fear of being hit by a snow/slush ball on the 4th of July.

  16. hervétatuvillechaizophobia: The fear of hearing, "De Plane, De plane!"

  17. nosferatuhareaphobia: The fear of vampire bunnies.

    flotillasporaticimbibiphopbia: The fear of taking a drink after a child and finding floaties.

    ephobia: just like other phobias, but online.

    dentaverdiphobia: the fear of having green food stuck in your teeth.

  18. extraterrestrialprobaphobia: The fear of being abducted by aliens for experiments.

    awcrapherewegoagainaphobia: The fear of Monday mornings.

    whenisheevergoingtostopaphobia: The fear that Mr. Giggles will post more phobias any time...

  19. After my weekend I had to post one more:

    Beatlemaniaticfanaticalaphobia - Fear of being obsessed with worshipping the Fab Four like the mob of crazed fans at The Beatles Story Experience in Liverpool. :0+

  20. Mr Giggles, you beat me. I was going to post:

    notanotheronephobia: The fear that Mr. Giggles will post yet another phobia...


    Now the question is, how will Eutychus ever choose one phobia out of the many, many that were posted?

  21. I was thinking the same thing, Fromagette:


    Or maybe:

  22. The rules were: no limits, & Have fun. I have been doing both!

  23. Mr Giggles, what you should really be thinking is "They are just jealous that they can't come up with as many funny phobias as I can". :P

    ...impatiently awaiting the judge's decision...

  24. Patience is a virtue. :-)
    I'll render a decision tonight.

  25. It certainly is a virtue. I and I think I'm being pretty virtuous by saving all of my patience for my children. :) Good luck making a choice!

  26. neoverboeutychusantidiscernamentiasomnoliphobia: the fear that while you sleep, eutychus will decide against your word joust entry.

    This is not an entry, just a newly developed condition . . . :o)

  27. giggleswordphobia: The fear of not being able to pronounce Mr.Giggles phobias. ;)

  28. autoverbomegolamaniaicaphobia: The fear that your own word joust entries are taking on a life of their own....and you like it a leeetle too much!

  29. and the top ten selections are:
    10:tie nocturnalowieowiebangitis- after I figured out how to say it it was funny and Spamoplentophobia- because i can relate and I'm still infatuated with her blog:-)
    9:Couchephobia- plus 2 points for using another language- minus 3 because it was French
    8:Whatthehellnobelaphobia- disqualification for political statement- but funny just the same
    7:Pedigastrocasaphobia- I have a 14 y.o. boy- too close to the home I'm being eaten out of.
    6:Maximusbuffetophobia- made co-worker jiggle- I mean giggle
    5:**************phobia- followed closely by ephobia for most imaginative
    4:Monolavatorophobia- funny untill it happens to you
    3:awcrapherewegoagainaphobia- Every work day leading up to my retirement
    2:chaostheorophobia- took me a while but then it was really funny
    1:for making me laugh out loud the first time and rolling off the lips especially well.....and most probably will be used by me at some future date:
    Cramalottaphobia! Congrats Nene!

  30. Alas, winning is bitter-sweet! I feel honored that I won - thanks eutychus! - but now I have to come up with a new game! I'm thinking, I'm thinking......

  31. Minus 3 because it was French. Humph. Good choices!

  32. Fromagette- actually, my family roots go back (way back) to the French AND my good neighbor is also French (his wife is Italian, you should have heard him rail against the "brown shirts" in the last World Cup) so I actually am somewhat of a Francophile (shhh- don't tell) and secretly wish I spoke French (and German)