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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tact or Fiction

I thought of this just a few minutes ago, and also realized I had yet to start a new game! So here goes....

Following the theme of the above picture, your mission is three-fold:
1) Come up with an embarrassing situation you either have, or could find yourself in (i.e., your best friend's parent accidentally opens the door to the bathroom just as you are stepping into the shower after spending the night.... what? That never happened to you? Fine, then you can't use that one!)
2) Come up with a tactful way of resolving the situation.
3) Come up with the SARCASTIC way to handle it.

As always, literary devices earn bonus points, but the one that has me gasping for breath while shooting milk out of my nose wins! (That wasn't me, but I CAUSED it!)

Happy Jousting!


  1. This is an embarassing moment that really happened to me. I had just taken a shower, and had come downstairs in my underwear to find some clothing in the dryer. Why didn't I come down in a robe? I think I had a momentary lapse of clear thinking. Anyway, my youngest child was a toddler at the time, and was toddling about while I was looking for clothes. Suddenly the doorbell rang. It was the missionaries stopping by... My front door has a small window at the top, and two full length windows on each side. I hadn't found any clothes in the dryer, and I knew they could look through the windows, so I ran to the kitchen to hide. I peeked my head around, and could see one of the Elders looking through the top window trying to see if anyone was home. :S They didn't see me, but I do think they saw and heard my toddler who was by the door talking happily to himself. My tactful response to their knocks was to pretend I wasn't home, or couldn't hear the door. The "not home" approach didn't work well since obviously my child was home. I just hid until they went away.
    My sarcastic response could have been, "I know you wanted to see me, but I don't think you wanted to see this much."
    Or how about, "I heard thy voice (at the front door, and I was afraid, because I was naked; and I hid myself." Genesis 3:10 with some alterations.

  2. My embarrassing moment is similar to Delirious'. I also had just gotten out of the shower and thought all my kids had left the house. In that house, we had two air conditioners - one for upstairs and one for downstairs. We hadn't turned the a/c on that morning yet since it had been so cool at night, but when I got out of the shower it was so hot, I decided to just "step" out of my bedroom door and flip on the a/c. I flung the door open and there standing at the bottom of the stairs looking right at me, was my teenage son's best friend (also male). Since I was stark naked, I don't know if my actual response was "tactful" or not, but I just slammed the door again. I guess my "sarcastic" response could have been: "Excuse me for butting in..." :0P

  3. My next embarrassing situation is forgetting about this, and not having anyone remind me! Sorry. I am going to award this to Delirious! Let's try to get more involved in the next round!!!! SORRY! Sorry. sorry.....

  4. Ermmm....embarassing to say that I forgot this game was still in play. lol