Word of the Day

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I was looking at some old Word Joust games trying to find an idea for a game and decided that we should do a word verification for our next game.  I wrote down several actual word verifications from the comment section of a blog and here's the one I chose:  oosup.  Your challenge for this game is to come up with a meaning description for oosup and then use it in a sentence.  You may submit as many entries as you like.  Have fun! 


  1. "Oosup" is an old gaelic term used for a greeting. It is believed that it first came about when someone was talking with their mouth full. The original greeting was "What's up?", which was itself a slang term. But with a mouth full of oatmeal, the greeting was changed to "oosup?". :D

  2. Oosup: A drink made my the makers of INSTANT BREAKFAST (Carnation)intended to replace supper. "He had a meeting and there was no time to eat, so he grabbed a bottle of Oosup."

  3. Oosup: a caffeinated alternative for ketchup, meant to give energy to those who have just eaten an otherwise lethargy-causing greasy meal.

    "Would you like mustard and ketchup on that?"
    "No, please make MINE OOSUP. I have to drive!"

  4. Thanks to all 3 Jousters for your entries - they all gave me a chuckle! I will have to go with Delirious for this one because I did chuckle a bit longer and I am also partial to the Gaelic language. Congratulations Delirious! You are the winner of this round! Hope your busy life has settled down long enough to come up with another game. If not, borrow and old game! :0D