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Friday, March 4, 2011

Card Writers

Recently I have been frequenting the card aisle at the store. I've bought Valentine's cards, birthday cards, etc. Sometimes I start laughing, and even laugh until I cry. As a follow up to the last game, and our long winter, I would like you to cheer us all up. Your assignment for this game is to choose one of the following pictures and write the text for a card that features the photo. In your entry, please write the letter of the picture you chose to use. You can decide the occasion for the card you make. For example, it could be a birthday card, or a St. Patrick's day card, or a sympathy card, or any other "card occasion". The winner's entry will be featured on this blog as a photo card. :D Don't ask me why I chose all old ladies.... lol I don't know, I just thought they would make good cards. :) Obviously I'm looking for a humorous caption.


CARD B (tribute to our ex-governor :)




  1. For card C, 2 entries:
    1. outside: Wishing you well....
    inside: Heard you've had quite a spell

    2. outside - "I told him W, not B! W! W! W!"
    Inside: Happy Wirthday!

  2. Card C:
    Category: I Miss You
    For: Best Friend

    Outside: Remember that movie about the travelling sisterhood?

    Inside: These hats were a way better idea than a pair of pants!

  3. Card B

    Outside: No longer governor, Arnold reveal's to mother that he still has his "I ♥ Mom" tattoo.

    Inside: Happy 'Mutter's' Day!

  4. CARD A -
    Outside: Imelda had the unsightly habit of sucking on cloth when she was nervous...
    Inside: Hope your day is stress-free!

    CARD B -
    Outside: If you'll put some salve on it Arnold, I'm sure it will clear right up!
    Inside: Hope you're back in shape in no time! Get Well Soon!

    CARD C -
    Outside: So I said to him, "You mess with me, you mess with the whole coven!"
    Inside: It's your birthday, demand some respect!

    CARD D -
    Outside: Sisters, Sisers, There were never such devoted sisters....
    Inside: All kinds of weather, we stick together!
    Happy Birthday, Sis!

  5. Oops, that should say "Sisters" twice, not "sisers". Typo!

  6. Since I won't be in town this weekend, I think we better wrap up this game so that the new one can start. Anyone else want to play? I'll make my decision later tonight, so if you want in on this one, get your entry in soon!

  7. Dang it, I thought I already called this before I left. Sorry!

    Okay, I laughed at them all, but I could actually see Nene's being printed! The sisters one really got me laughing. :) Congratulations Nene! Good luck coming up wtih the next game!

  8. It's my husband's birthday today so I may not get a game up today, but I'm thinking, I'm thinking.....