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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


The Beach Boys are probably the greatest song writers when it comes to writing songs about cars.  They have written songs called: "Little Deuce Coupe", "Little Honda", "In My Car", "Car Crazy Cutie", "Honkin' Down the Highway", to name a few.  The title of this game is from "Little Deuce Coupe".  The lyrics are: "Little Deuce Coupe, You don't know what I've got" (that's from the chorus). 

After we got home from Ireland we had to go buy a new car.  We bought a new Ford F150 pickup.  I love it!  One of my favorite things that I am particularly enjoying this winter is the heated front seats.  The seats will heat up before the heater even gets warm!  The other day I was driving along with my heated seats, listening to my Harry Potter CD and really loving my truck.  Which brings me to our New Game! 

So Jousters, for this game  I want you to design (in words) a new car or a new truck, or even a new SUV.  Tell me what kind of special features YOU would invent to go in or on your new vehicle!  Are there any features cars have now that you could improve on?  Anything goes, so happy designing! 


  1. Oh, and just because the Beach Boys can write great songs about cars, I didn't mean your entry had to be a song - it doesn't.

  2. I have a VW van slash SUV, 4 wheel drive... and a little tv. And out on the top a little satellite dish. So you can watch it at night, just whatever you wish. And there's a bed in the back, and a pop-up on top. 60 miles per gallon so you never need stop. A solar-powered fridge and a solar camp stove, too. You can cook when you want instead of just drive-through. So if you like going traveling, here's a very good tip: A VW slash SUV will make a great road trip!

  3. I'm thinking about my car as I use it now, and what I would ideally like to have.

    First of all, my boys usually eat their breakfast in the car on the way to school because they don't get up when I ask them to. So I would like some of those fold down trays like they have on airplanes.

    Second, because we seem to accumulate a lot of garbage in the process, I would like a trash compacter that fit between the seats.

    Third, because we seem to accumulate a lot of dishes in the car, it would be nice to have a mini dishwasher to handle the "breakfast" load.

    Fourth, I take my dog in the car quite a bit. I would like to have windshield wipers/fluid on the inside of the back windows to clean the dog slobber off.

    Fifth, a mini refrigerator would be great, not only so that we could have food at a moment's notice, but so that I could put grocery items away temporarily while I continue shopping at other stores after grocery shopping.

    Think of my dream car as "Meals on Wheels". :)

  4. Ack...I forgot one thing. I wanted to add that I would like a "whole car" vacuum. (Like a whole house one, but in the car. :)

  5. My tastes are simple. I want the body of a 65 convertible Mustang, Candy-Apple Red, with tan leather interior, and the engine is Water-Cell. No exhaust, and great mileage! The tires will be made of a new substance that needs no air and will never go flat or need replacing. The brakes are negative-force gyroscopes that simply slow the car without wear-and-tear. The All lighting will be LCD, so no more bulb replacements will be necessary. And the paint on the body is self-waxing. A simple rainstorm will keep my car clean. Static charges emitted every so often will shed dust and dirt. The seats can be heated in winter or cooled in summer, and the stereo will be preloaded with up to 200 Albums worth of music, all retrievable by voice-activated programming. The entire car will be operated by voice recognition, and will respond only to me. I will be able to start it remotely simply by calling it's name, and an internal GPS will allow it to drive through parking lots to pick me up at the door. With its interchangeable skids and treads, it can drive just as easily on snow as on pavement. And finally, its airbag system will be the most advanced available. Rather than deploying after a collision, the car will be able to predict collisions, and will deploy airbags both inside AND out, saving passengers and body damage alike. Yeah, that would be a sweet car....

  6. So what's it's name you call to get it to start?

  7. I'd like a nice sports car with cherry red color and what not, but it doesn't really work for the features I want. So I'll use a regular SUV for this.

    1. take out the back and middle seats and replace the back with a full on mini kitchen: minifridge, toaster oven, microwave.
    I eat lunch in the car when I have class, and it'd be nice if I could have more than just PBJ.

    2. rotating lazyboy in the middle seat area

    3. car starts at the touch of my hands on the steering wheel.

    4. screen for navigation, radio, cd's, mp3's whatnot on the middle of the steering wheel.

    5. heated seats, split second a/c and heater

  8. I don't know its name yet. I haven't met it. I will call it whatever name it has!

  9. Ok, this game has been going on for 2 weeks, so this is the last call, if anyone wants to play, or if anyone wants to submit another entry.

  10. I loved reading about everyone's cars! I liked Inkling's VW that got 60 mpg with the sattelite dish and solar appliances! I also liked Delirious' mini fridge and fold down trays and especially the whole car vacumn. Archeantus' split second a/c and heater really had appeal as well as his full mini kitchen. But I really had to go with Mr. Giggle's water cell engine and self-waxing paint job and static charged dust shedder. Mr. Giggle's had so many cool things I can't mention them all. Mr. Giggles, Congratulations! You are the winner of this round and the Mastermind for the next Word Joust Game!