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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Double the Fun

In this game, you will be writing couplets. A couplet, defined by Lemony Snicket and confirmed by Wikipedia, is a poem consisting of two lines. Traditionally, they rhyme and have the same meter. Your job, if you so accept, is to write a couplet consisting the word of the day. You must tell us what the word of the day was that day, and the definition. Literary devices are encouraged, and bonus points if the word of the day is used as the rhyming word.


  1. Hmm...I think I'll wait. Today's word was "Liminal" and that's too hard to rhyme. ;)

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  3. OH, no excuse!

    Liminal-relating to the point beyond which a sensation becomes too faint to be experienced.

    In prison for so long, this criminal,
    That his release date felt so liminal.

    Hmm... maybe I didn't use that word right. Oh well, I'm not in the running anyways

    Ok, I agree, that's difficult. Well, looking forward to your answer when the word isn't so crazy :)

  4. My packages and letters are mailed, I'm done
    My Christmas sewing was never begun.....:0+

  5. Replevy - to recover lost goods or chattels wrongfully taken or detained.

    His wife's stolen gift he had to replevy,
    Black Friday is rough, he needed to levy.

  6. The word today is ferret.

    All over the house I have to ferret.
    My snowman needs a nose - a carrot!

  7. Through the caliginous foggy night,
    Red nose shining through,
    Santa's reindeer will alight,
    bringing gifts to you.

    (I hope I followed the pattern right. lol)

  8. Today's word is lagniappe

    I received a lagniappe at the mall today,
    I told them to keep it and don't make me pay!

  9. zenith - highest point or cumulation

    From this icy white zenith
    How I wish to be weaneth.

    (snow) :0)

  10. Actually Nene, I looked up couplets on Wikipedia, and I believe I have followed the pattern. My first line is, "Through the caliginous foggy night, red nose shining through," Second line is "Santa's reindeer will alight, bringing gifts to you." Each line must have two words that will rhyme with the next line.

  11. You know, I meant what Nene said, just two lines, but on Wikipedia (used as one of my defining sources), it calls the four line entry a rhyming couplet. Not what we are looking for, but still fair game. Well played.

  12. Yea, I was just looking at the example in the picture, and also went by Wikipedia. I think a real couplet does have two lines, but it has to have the "couplet meter", which has two sets of rhyming words within the lines. Two lines that only have one rhyming words would be a singlet. :D

  13. one set of rhyming words......bah..I hit enter too fast. lol

  14. Friday, December 24, 2010
    chaffer - to bargain; haggle.

    Just for fun, here's a real laugher,
    Just for a game, I watch as you chaffer.

  15. Well players, this game has just about run it's course. I'll be judging on Thursday, so anyone who hasn't played, there is still time!

  16. Well, it's time. After much thought and awarding of bonus points, and although I really liked Nene's entry with lagniappe as the word of the day, Inklings scrapes the win with her ferret entry.

    Well played jousters and congratulations Inklings!

    Also, points to Delirious for her diligence in education. :) Unfortunately, points like that only count in Whose Line is it Anyway?.