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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Limerick: In Honor of Nene's Homecoming :)

In honor of Nene moving home from Ireland, I want to do another limerick. I might note that she has had difficulty getting a flight out of Ireland because of volcanic ash blowing from Iceland. Please finish the following limerick. Remember we are keeping this clean! ;)

There once was a traveler named Nene.....


  1. There once was a traveler named Nene
    Who was faced with a wait quite obscene.
    With fears that the ash
    Would make planes go splash,
    To get home one might have to grow wings.

    I hope the ash clears up soon! Good luck!

  2. Fromagette, that was so good I almost didn't do one!
    But here is mine. I had to do it quick because I have to go to my parents' house in a few hours.

    There once was a traveler named Nene
    Who, when moving, was caught in-between.
    She thought she might swim,
    But discarded that whim,
    As the sea wasn't very pristine.

    Good luck from me, too, Nene!

  3. These are really cute! Irish Air Space opened today, so maybe we'll get to come home!

  4. There once was a traveler named Nene
    Who had seen all the "green" to be seen,
    So home she would go-
    But the airport said "No"
    Till the skies around Ireland were clean.

  5. Any other takers on this? Mr. Giggles? Twist? Eutychus? Nene is now home, if that will help your limerick any. :)

  6. There once was a traveler named Nene
    Who grew tired of the whole Irish scene.
    While with ash skies were filled,
    Nene just sat back and chilled.
    But she's home now and feels like a queen.

    Sorry, I haven't been 100%. This was the best I could do!

  7. Dang...I forgot I hadn't called this one. (whaps herself in the head)

    This was a tough decision. Very tough. I LOVED all of these, but I have to pick only one. I think I am going to pick Nene for this one. And she wins in two ways because she actually made it home! :)